Monday, October 25, 2004

Thought Crimes

Okay, here are two news stories of interest. The first is a follow up to a local "scandal" that I blogged on involving my High School back in July: Alma Mater going Ape over Adam & Eve. The other is just weird. For time and sanity's sake, I'll let you form your own opinions on such happenings.

Move over monkeys and make way for the Buckingham Panda Trial:

"Lawsuit possible on new Dover biology rule"

Sidenote: It isn't bad enough our community gains national attention for our Mayor being charged with murder (based on race mind you), but now because some people feel that The Theory of Evolution is poisioning the minds of the young. Remember folks, this is an area President Bush himself calls Bush country.

BrainGate: Implants lead to thought control... this is a little two Terminator, Gattaca, Total Recall for me:

"Implant lets paralyzed man turn thoughts into action"

For more on BrainGate.


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