Thursday, October 07, 2004

Watch PA as it Slip Slides Away...

"Pennsylvania's just this state that's in your way when you want to get somewhere else. "

... somewhere like, say, the White House. Love it or leave it, winning PA, and our 21 electoral votes, is a near requirement to be president (unless you're George Bush circa 2000). Anomolies aside, PA has been crowned the swing state this time around. Why are we so swingin'? Because our cities vote Democratic and our fields vote Republican. If you've ever driven through Pennsylvania on the way to somewhere else, you know we have a lot of fields, enought to match our city populations.

Last week's post debate opinion offered up some insight from my security mom co-workers... the demographic of this election, at least for now. The SM's were influence by Bush's "idiocy" and this week commented on how scared they were of Cheney after catching the V.P. debate. Apparently, my neighborly SM's aren't the only Pennsylvanian's making up their mind.

Today, the news out of Harrisburg was good, grand even:

Sen. John F. Kerry has opened a seven-point lead in the presidential race in Pennsylvania.

those figures are even taking into account the Nader debauchial we have going on here as well. You think Florida got messy? Our courts wouldn't let Nader on the ballot, then on appeal decided to allow the third candidate just in time to have our absentee ballots printed. The next court up most likely will over turn that decision before November which would in turn, nullify all votes that went to Nader in absentee ballots. For more, read this.

And... if that doesn't have your head spinning enough, my mother brought up a "think about this" issue durring her birthday dinner the other night. "What about all those nursing home folks that can't make it to polls and instead fill out absentee ballots. You know a couple of them at least have to croak in the mean time, but we count the dead people's votes, right?" My mother being insightful? She was so proud of herself the moment I said, "I never really thought of that."


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