Monday, November 01, 2004

A bit of reason for a mad world

Dear America:

Hi. Tomorrow is election day. I’m a Republican who will be voting for John Kerry. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I don’t agree with George Bush on anything. In my last post before casting a ballot, I would like to offer up to you why a vote for George Bush is not only detrimental to the United States but also harmful for the entire Republican philosophy of capitalism and liberty.

First let me start out by saying, I do not vote for a party, but for a candidate. I believe the two greatest presidents in our nation’s history are Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. I’m not partisan. I merely believe in following logic, and as Thomas Payne put it, “Common Sense.”

The task of running the country may seam daunting to most of us. Even when we know we’re on the wrong path, it’s hard to find the right path. I believe George Bush has spun this country in circles until the public is dizzy and lost. But, when you step back and think of the intended role of the President not at the leader of the free world, but as the as CEO of America.

The President is the chief executive officer of our country, and we’re all kind of like shareholders. Now, the operations and decisions of a huge company might seam just as complicated, so lets strip it down more. Think of a small business or even your household.

To properly run a household, you must first have a house. Most likely, you take out a mortgage (the debt). You must earn income (taxes) to provide for food, shelter, clothing, repairs, the basic life necessities. At one point every month, you also must write lots of checks to pay for those necessities (spending). Many of people nowadays can’t live off what they earn. So, you apply for a couple of credit cards just in case.
The kids next door were being careless last week and hit a baseball through your bedroom window. You don’t really have the money to replace it, but it must be replaced. Thank God you applied for that credit card. You’ll pay it off at the end of month right? Until you saw that new chandelier at the home improvement store… why not get that too? You deserve it, don’t you think? It adds to the monetary and aesthetic value of the house anyway. Put it on the card.
Next thing you know, you’re redecorating the entire room, but you’re still earning the same income. Now, you’re putting groceries and prescriptions on your credit cards because all your income is going to accumulated debt. There are still things you need, like a flat screen television. And, you promised to take your kids to Disney World. So you make a decision, you pay your bills and go with out. Or, you push off your bills and get what you “need” like that iPod. It’s your right to have these things, isn’t it?
The debt is out of control, but it’s not a big deal. You’re doing the right things for you and you’re children like the new Escalade in the driveway. Then the creditors start calling. You can’t pay your bills even if you took a second job at Subway. So, logically, you just pretend it never happened. You file bankruptcy. The bank seizes your house and your car is repossessed. You’re sad, but the doctor writes you a prescription for Xanex. What do you do know? Start over… cept this time, you’ll pay off that credit card at the end of the month. Right?

President Bush is incapable of running a household. He’s in capable of running a small business. Arbusto, anyone? Why would you elect him to run the most complicated business in the world? I know money doesn’t have heartstrings and it’s not easy to sum up economics into catch phrases, but it’s important.

If you can’t identify with that, let’s boil it down to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:

The Right to Life

Iraq: Thou Shalt Not Kill – A strong leader must protect the welfare of his land and people. President Bush has callously and ignorantly used our military to carry out a personal vendetta. We are not safer. Where’s Osama, again?

War on Terror: Terror is a horrible thing. Actually, it’s a state of mind. It’s being absolutely frightened. George Bush terrorizes the psychology of this nation with a color spectrum. Terrorism is a tactic. It’s very successful and we have yet to find a counter measure that we can rely on. We won our independence from the British using new tactics they couldn’t counter, Guerilla Warfare. The Cold War brought stockpiles and the philosophy of deterrence. Our military leaders must be smart, brave, cunning, sly, and brilliant to develop effective policies to keep us safe. Do you honestly believe George Bush is all these things?

Abortion: I believe in deregulation in many areas. The primary arena in which there should be no regulation is my body. And your body. You should have the right to do with you own body as you wish. Heroine addict. OD? Oh well, that’s survival of the fittest. I personally believe abortion is an abhorrent act. Making it illegal doesn’t make it go away. It didn’t work with alcohol and it hasn’t worked with drugs. I don’t see the people who picket clinics offering to adopt the possible life in question. I do not assume to tell you what you can to your own body, stay away from mine.

Environmentalism: I heard some fact the other day that many women who eat fish in this country have mercury levels so high that birth defects are inevitable. I’m happy I don’t eat seafood. We make deals with the devil every day we put gasoline in are cars. If we can make it to the moon in less than a decade, why can’t we give up on oil realiance? Business and science would boom with a new wave of technology. Only the oil companies will hurt in the long run. But with all new developments some jobs become unnecessary. I drive a Honda Civic. I choose to invest my money in places besides my gas tank. I remember the anti drug campaigns that were running a year ago about how drug money funds terrorism. What do you think SUV’s do?

Healthcare: I’m a republican. I believe in business. I believe in capitalism. I also believe that healthcare should not be a privilege. Don’t believe the people that want to regulate trial lawyers. Regulation, like President Bush supports, is not the problem. It’s not the doctors. My uncle is a Doctor and a Professor of Anatomy for Penn State University. He drives a Dodge. He lives in a 3 bedroom house. He takes his family to the Maryland Shore every year, but never gets away other than that. The insurance companies our gouging small businesses that in turn pass the cost onto the consumer. They are gouging medical professionals who pass on the costs as well or pack up their practices for other states. I knew a girl in college. Her father worked in the health insurance field. He bought her a 4 million dollar apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan. The insurance companies are destroying the economy and one of the core reasons many people are losing their jobs to outsourcing. A vote for Bush is a vote against business.

The Right to Liberty

Gun Control: I’m the only person in my family that never fired a gun. I never felt a need to. I enjoy venison every season after the hunt. Especially around Christmas time. It might sound cruel, but deer kill many people in accidents and suffer from starvation when over populating occurs. A gun is responsibility, not a right. A hunting rifle is not an automatic machine gun. My mother carries a handgun. She has every right too because she’s responsible. She was raised in Central PA not Philadelphia. Guns in Wyoming are different than guns in D.C. Gun policy should be a local decision for local citizens.

Gay Marriage: I do not believing in limiting freedoms just to please some scared people. The constitution is not a weapon, it’s a guard dog. Marriage is historically a legality involved in property. A wife was often considered property. Land, money, and businesses exchanged hands. Only in this decade, since WW II has it been predominantly about love. George Bush wants to regulate bedrooms, hearts and minds. Regardless your opinion on homosexuality, violating the constitution with an amendment on marriage cannot be allowed. Imagine if the next step was outlawing divorce? How would you feel then?

Church and State: Freedom of religion does not guarantee freedom from religion, folks. No one owns God. Not Republicans, Jews, Christians, or Muslims… and not the Bush family. As someone with very deep and personal religious convictions, I cringe every time I hear the president invoke “God” and “Jesus”. Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi… these men changed the world through positive faith. If you don’t see the harm in a government swirled with God, I recommend studying the history of Catholicism.

Pursuit of Happiness (or Money)

I knew people in college who came from million dollar homes. My fiancé makes less than $16,000 a year. Both consider themselves middle class. BMW’s, an Ivy League education, flat screen televisions, and vacations in the Caribbean are not rights. They are a privilege. It sucks that some people work very hard for these things while others are just given such things by their parents. Some people will never have these things, but they aren’t willing to accept it. That’s the problem with the American Dream and the problems with American politicians out to line their own pockets.

America, there are sometimes you need to hear things you are unwilling to accept. Our country is in financial shambles. At this point, we’re just driving around in a Ford Pinto waiting for that simple yet cataclysmic fender bender. I’m all for being responsible with the money we have as opposed to raising taxes. That’s simple, but too much to ask for. Rolling back to the Clinton years isn’t as detrimental as a collapsing fiscal policy hanging over our heads.

Fund for the Arts or Kevlar Vests? I’ll vote for the vest every time, and I have a B.F.A.

George Bush has been irresponsible with our grand household. We are the taxes payers. That makes us responsible for seizing his house and repossessing his car. There are bigger things at stake than catch phrases and sound bits. We can’t afford another “Pre-emptive Strike” both in our homes and in our wallets. We can’t afford Saudi oil deals. We can’t afford healthcare. We can’t afford another four years.

Maybe it doesn’t matter to you. Me? I’m 25 years old. I have the rest of my life as an American citizen to think about. I know social security won’t work. I know the economy is shaky in a quick fix. I know that outsourced jobs won’t come back. I know fanning social flames won’t balance the budget.

We need to stop talking about Gays and start talking Business.
We need to stop patting seniors on the back while running a stake up our youth’s ass.
We need to stop using God for the indefensible acts of men. After all, that excuse sounds way to familiar.

Tomorrow, vote for a future, America.
Vote for John Kerry.

Thank You.


At 9:43 PM, Blogger Darren said...

More importantly, vote for Teresa Heinz Kerry. Isn't it about time someone made the First Lady fab again?

At 1:30 AM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

She's Angela Mitchell, and she approved that message.

BTW: Hey Angie...Nixon?!?

We don't know each other all that well, do we now?

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine said...

Yeah so Nixon? He was a brilliant man but paranoid and delusional. Everyone has a tragic flaw. He was one of the greatest foreign policy presidents of the twentieth century even though he made a mess of domestic issues.

You may not know me inside and out, but that keeps you coming back for more, right?



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