Monday, November 01, 2004

THE BOX: Bree gets a Zach-Attack!

DH 1-05: "Come on in, Stranger"

Gabrielle is visited by Mama Solis after Carlos suspects that Gabrielle may be cheating on him. Mama Solis shadows Gabrielle all around town giving her little chance to meet up with gardener John. John is growing a conscience, or realizes that he may not mean as much to Gabrielle as he'd like. After Gab gives Mama the slip, they have a sit down discussion later that night. What starts as a heart felt confessional turns threatening. Mama, though not directly, gives us the impression she's willing to kill to avenge any wrongs done to her son... and it wouldn't be the first time.

Lynette is trying to charm her way into freedom by dumping her boys in private school. Realizing that the twins would blow their chances during the observation period, she works them long and hard to turn the into fluffy dosile dwarfs. She has an advantage because the school finds identical twins "diverse", yet an endowement of $15,000 will solidify their admission. Her husband suggest home schooling. Lynette turns the tables on him suggesting, since she made more money than him, that he school the boys while she returns to the boardroom. Realizing sacrafices have to be made, her husband gives up his sail boat to meet the schools endowment and hopefully saving Lynette's sanity. This whole show makes me second guess my ability to ever at any point be a mother.

Bree, home alone for nearly two decades looks to Zach (Mary Alice's son) for compassionate companionship. The two seem to find a sick comfort in each other until things get creepy.

Susan takes on cat-sitting responsibilities to discover a break in at the neighbors. It was Mike, but we're not sure why. How threatening can that old cat lady be? Anyway, Susan meets a cop who attempts to sweep her off her feet. She turns him down thinking of Mike, but later agrees to take a chance. Mike's life is too "complicated" for her as an addition. The Cop takes her on a stake out to cracktown. When Susan discovers that the cop lied to her, she walks a way and hangs out with some working girls until Mike can pick her up. The two make up by conoodling in his SVU. The cop now out of the picture, Mike can rest easy that his mysterious cover is still intact.

Mary Alice's House: What the hell is wrong with these people? Turns out that maybe Dad isn't such a bad guy after all. We know the trunk contained human remains. We know Mary Alice killed herself to escape a secret. We know that her son is emotionally disturbed. At dinner with Bree, Zack confesses that his mother's suicide was his fault. That the secret she was keeping was his. Also, the neighborhood has been disturbed with yelling and screaming and assumed beating. Who's beating who is another story as Zack beats down his Dad. Zack develops an seamingly unhealthy fixation with Bree. After she cancels dinner plans with him (a night she planned to pump him for information), Zach breaks into her home and decorates for Christmas.

Okay, does any of this have to do with Mike's dead wife or is that part of his cover story? Is Zack a murderer? If so who did he kill? Where are they from? Will Gabrielle ever stop fucking people? And wholly molely I guess Bree's a perfectionist at everything. Did anyone else catch Bree in the fur coat and not much else during the scenes from next week?


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