Monday, November 01, 2004

Cover Girls and Boys

In an odd coincidence, both Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Borneanaz grace the front page of the Hollywood reporter. Stories are completely independent and have nothing to do what so ever with their former cult personalities. Regardless, here are some updates on our Buffy alums.

Since we're on the topic, this Wednesday is James Marsters guest appearance of The Mountain (WB).

From the Hollywood Reporter:

'Grudge' holds on to first place with $22.4 mil By Brian Fuson
The Basics: SMG's got a hit on her hands. For the second week in a row, her first post Buffy venture (and the reason she couldn't make it into an ending episode of Angel) "The Grudge" topped the box office. It relaxed only 43% from last week putting the film at over $70 million in just ten days. Oh, and is only rated PG-13.

Contract out on Boreanaz for ABC show By Nellie Andreeva
The Basics: Boreanaz has signed on to star in a drama project for ABC about the life of undercover hit man Jack Ballantine. Feature writer Patrick Smith Kelly ("Don't Say a Word") is writing the script and executive producing with Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum. Boreanaz apparently just completed two films, Mr. Fix It and The Hard Easy, and is filming another now, These Girls.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Darren said...

That is the scariest picture of SMG ever. She looks like she's hosting some Spanish talk show.


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