Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day Report V: Amish Vote

Courtesy of the AP, here's a look at some very rare PA voters, the Amish. We had a discussion today wondering who the Amish support. They don't use oil or rely on the economy. They are self sufficient with the undying doctrine "Let us alone!". My grandpa was a farmer. He and all his farmer friends were FDR style Democrats. He knew a lot of Amish, so Kerry was my guess.

My co-worker pointed out they might side with Bush due to religious convictions, yet the Amish are anti-war. Many Amish also tend to be heavy drinkers... ever been to a barn raising? Pot and Cocaine are also common. Not too long ago, a group of Amish people were arrested for carrying drugs out of Philadelphia into the mid-state. I know other people that got their pot homegrown from some Amish folks. So, between God, alcohol, and coke... they fall into the Bush category.

The only thing we know is that we don't know how the Amish will vote. Thoughts?


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