Tuesday, November 16, 2004

POPCORN REVIEW: Ladies & Gentlemen, Have you met my friend Ms. Jones?

A snap shot from my senior year at NYU.

Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason - 8.5/10

Does it measure up to the smash film that introduced us to Bridget Jones and her notorious diary? Without a doubt. This film is absolutely ridiculous yet strikingly real. In fact, I have experienced every situation in this film down to the exact dialogue at times (minus skydiving into pig shit and a brief stint in a Thai prison). Other than that, yeah pretty much done it all. I think that's why I love this film so much, because after all the craziness I came through - the not so perfect chubby chainsmoking phase - to have a happy ending. In fact I saw a bit too much of myself in the first film. Now that I've lost 40 pounds, quit smoking, and am planning my wedding, I have a much safer distance to enjoy this film. I actually found "Reason" wickedly nostagic.

The good: Jacinda Barrett is breathtakingly beautiful and needs to be in many more films. Miss Zellweger's breasts deserve a supporting actress nomination. Laugh now, but they are more of a character in "Reason" than Julia Robert's in "Erin Brockavich".

The bad: There wasn't nearly enough Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) nor were there as many diary entries that defined the wit and neuroticism of the first film.

The Stepford Wives (2004)- 4/10

This film was really great, then fell completely apart. It lacks the satyrical punch and social commentary of the original film. Brilliant camp tone established by Nicole Kidman in the first scene easily fades away into poor structure in a weakened script. The design was great and the acting the best is could be, especially from Kidman and Glenn Close. The men were too bland and not in a way that works with the story. This film belongs in a library between Little Shop of Horrors (1980's) and Peggy Sue Got Married. If you're a woman, watch it during a date night with Ben & Jerry if you have nothinig else to do. If you're a man, skip it. In fact, I think this movie would appeal most to adolescent girls (or it would have myself at that age) but with 13 Going on 30 and Mean Girls this year, Stepford can't even compare.


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