Tuesday, November 02, 2004

We're Now Projecting

My Calls:
Kerry Will Win by a very slim lead

The Breakdown:
* Florida will go Bush
* PA will go Kerry
* Ohio wil be the most contested, but in the long run go to Bush
* Kerry with sweep the north Mid-West Wis., Minn., etc. and pick up New Hampshire.

As of this bloggers last report - Via Fox News and Hardball

Bush: 102 EV
Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virgina, Alabama, Tennesee, Oaklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, South Caronlina

Kerry: 77 EV
Vermont, New Jersey, Maine, Massachussettes, Deleware, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, D.C.

Too Close to Call:
New Hampshire

And on that note bloggers, I will now retire to the television to watch the drama unfold.
If you're polls are open, VOTE!


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