Wednesday, December 29, 2004

...and we're back! (almost)

The Brain Drain has unofficially returned from Christmas Vacation. After traipsing all over from the Blue Ridge mountains in Southern VA, to suburban D.C., to Western PA, ... I've put some 1500 miles on my car in 10 days. That doesn't break my record of 2000 in 3 days though. I've had a great past few days seeing friends from all over the country who are living lives more exciting than myself be they a musician in Texas, an actor in New York, a stylist in Philly, or an editor in the midwest. I spent the past 5 days in a blur akin to my late teens taking a vacation from my responsible adulthood. Alas, I'm returning my more recent reality of stable boredom as the fuzziness clears. Overwhelmed by travel, parties, friends, and family... I found no time for blogging as you clearly can tell. However, I did find some time for films, including The Incredibles. I still have Collateral to watch which I rented two weeks ago. My wonderful Ben surprised me with the Criterion Collection edition of Videodrome Christmas morning, so my thoughts on that will be coming as well. Darren has invited me over for an adolescent style sleep over Thursday, so who knows what we'll be watching then. Mid-season start ups like Point Pleasant and returning favorites will bless our boxes soon including the return of conspiracy capers Alias and 24. Award season is in full swing which will give me much to talk about. So friends, no worries. The Brain Drain will have much mindless (yet vitally important) entertainment news and commentaries coming soon. The Brain Drain will officially return Monday January 3rd. Happy New Year everyone!

Oh, a brief reminder, Garden State (the second best film of the year) is now out on DVD. Buy it!

Final Thoughts - My Favorite Presents:

Videodrome Criterion DVD from Ben
Final Draft from my Dad
Mac Glass from Andi
"know your mushrooms" Hoodie from Ben
Bone Leather FMB's from Mohammed
DKNY's Be Delicious from my aunt
Home Movies Season One from my Mom
Getting drunk for the first time in two years (priceless!)- Thanks Andi and Darci for being my DD's!

What was your favorite Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanza-Winter Solstice present?


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