Friday, December 17, 2004

THE BOX: Getting to the "Point" January 19th

If you watch Fox (which everyone should), you might have noticed those Point Pleasent teaser ads popping up all over. I did. Then, I turned to my Ben and yelled, "YES!". He thought I was insane, but who doesn't. With the holidays and other TV fare, I had completely forgot about Point Pleasent. I guess that eager anticipation wasn't so bad after all.

Point Pleasent is an hour long supernatural drama from former Buffy Producer, Marti Noxon.
This is what Fox has to say:

"a supernatural series…[that] will focus on a beachside community that is turned upside down when a mysterious girl washes ashore." The series' protagonist is Christina Nickson, a 17-year-old described as "angelic, mysterious, very bright and very intense." While her wealthy father lives in New York City, she has been shuffled off to boarding school for most of her life, dubbing herself a "Park Avenue Orphan." During a school cruise, the ship sinks and Christina is rescued off shore of the New Jersey town of Point Pleasant. She befriends her savior, a young lifeguard – with whom she shares an attraction – and ends up staying with the Kramers, a local doctor's family with whom she forms an unusual bond. Her presence begins to have a noticeable effect on the townsfolk, in particular the two women of the Kramer family. However, the police captain and Kramer patriarch, Ben, are more suspicious of Christina, perhaps even a bit threatened by her. She possesses a duality that seems hard to reconcile: She's at once dangerous and saintly. Indeed, Christina herself has begun to notice the changes within her, and is frightened by them. It seems that sometimes when she gets upset, unfortunate events happen that involve the people who trouble her. She also is determined to find her mother, whom she never knew. As she spends more time in Point Pleasant, Christina begins to uncover more clues about her mother, and at the same time, becomes more aware of her father's intent to keep her from that mission.

Marti, besides being super cute on all those DVD extras, lent her voice to the Once More with Feeling soundtrack. She was the soprano with the parking ticket demonically possessed by song. Besides Joss Weadon (Angel, Firefly) and Jane Espenson(Gilmore Girls/The O.C.), Marti is personally responsible for some of the greatest scripts in the history of the Buffyverse predominately during the shows creative peak, the second and third seasons.

All of this of course makes up for Fox axing Marti's other project, Still Life, which involves a dead person looking back on his dysfunctional family revealing their secrets. Hmm... where have I seen this before?

From west coast to the east, Point Pleasent is scheduled in the post O.C. slot. (9p.m. on Thursday) Coincidentatlly, that time slot was supposed to go to Tru Calling. "Tru" staring Buffy alum, Eliza Dushku, had a rocky first season. Jane Espenson was wooed away from the Gilmore Girls to revitalize Tru's sophomore effort. Will these episodes ever see "the harsh light of day"?

Visit the offical Point Pleasent site for advance video clips.

While we're at it, don't forget that 24's first four hours air January 9 and January 10, 8-10 p.m. both nights. YES!


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