Monday, December 13, 2004

THE BOX: "How do you fit a body in a chest that size?" opposed to the more common Hollywood question, "How do you fit a chest on a body that size?"

The answer, to those of you who missed the show, it that you chop it up!

Desperate Housewives 1-09: Suspicious Minds

"Looking to give her life a purpose, Gabrielle decides to organize a glamorous Halston fashion show for charity highlighting the ladies of Wisteria Lane. But Susan is less than charitable toward her friend when she discovers Gabrielle's shocking secret. Meanwhile, Lynette uses her business acumen to poach a nanny, and Bree decides to take Andrew's out-of-control behavior into her own hands."

Last night, Marla Sokoloff (Lucy from "The Practice") made her series debut as the nanny Lynette seduces into her home to care for her boys.

Susan again ended up naked, at least partially, after cat fight behind the catwalk.

Carlos was arrested.

Bree pissed on Rex (or at least dumped piss on him). And, Susan's daughter is hiding Zack (an escaped mental patient and possible murderer) in her room. Yes, it was an interesting evening on Wisteria Lane.

The revelataion of the night was that Mary Alice's husband is dumb enough to bury a murder weapon with a body in a shallow grave. No, wait, it was that Dana - if it was her body in the trunk - was an adult. I figured Dana to be Zack's baby sister. I figured there was a tragic family accident. Apparently, things of a more dark and nefarious nature are at play on Wisteria Lane.


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