Wednesday, December 08, 2004

THE BOX: Wallpapered and Pampered

So if you're a first timer or just have no long term memory, The Brain Drain loves Lost and Desperate Housewives. ABC has some sassy desktops for you to easily download if you feel like it. You know you do, so click here.

Personally, I'm a Bree Van Der Kamp girl. My sister called me tonight and became concerned that I've gone all "Stepford" after I mentioned making 6 dozen Christmas cookies and signing over 50 holiday cards. Rest assured Casey, I'm not wearing a fluffy skirt nor have I bleached my hair blonde.

For those of you who still have not watched the funniest piece of Arrested Development from my beloved "cornballer" episode, watch "Eat my dust, Buster." I dare you. Oh and for trivia's sake, it's 1-03 entitled "Bringing Up Buster". I will affectionately refer to it still as "The cornballer episode".


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