Sunday, December 05, 2004

"I'm gonna put on a skirt, take of my underwear, and make your Pop-Pop proud."

Sunday night featured what was possibly the greatest episode of the greatest sitcom ever. What were you doing?

With no Boston Legal or Desperate Housewives, Arrested Development did not fail to deliver on what was an otherwise lackluster night of television.

This episode opens with Gob, Michael and a misunderstanding on "Poof". You can watch a recap on the AD website, by visiting the Episode 204 Guide. While you're there, I highly recommend watching "Eat my Dust, Buster". You can also view it by clicking here. This is exactly why Buster (Tony Hale) is my favorite character and "Let's hope it doesn't come to that" is one of my all time favorite lines. Do it, watch it... What else are you doing?


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