Monday, December 13, 2004

POPCORN: Has the whole world gone Sideways?

As an NYU grad, I remember often times in the halls of Tisch walking past a one sheet of Citizen Ruth signed by fellow grad Alexander Payne. After following up Ruth with the brilliant Election, Payne found a different tone and bored the shit out of me with About Schmidt a couple Christmas's ago. It seems this is the year of Payne as everyone who is everyone is all about Sideways. In fact, my inbox has been swamped with Wine & Cheese party invites to Sideways screenings on both coasts. Can you bribe critical acclaim with wine & cheese?

If you too are part of the NYU alumni circuit, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, my friend Darren who loves Alexander Payne almost as much as he does Nicole Kidman, has posted his review of Sideways. It's worth the read (as well as his random thoughts on lots of other random films). Just scroll down his blog to see how man critics and association are in love with wine and cheese this year.

CORRECTION: I recently discover that at no time did Alexander Payne attend New York University. So, was I hallucinating that pesky Citizen Ruth poster for four years? What's going on? It was brought to my attention that while Payne did not attend NYU, his writing partner on Ruth, Election, Schmidt, and Sideways, Jim Taylor, is an NYU alum. That explains those wine and cheese invites. (p.s. to all of those who insist that I never admit when I'm wrong, "Ha!".)


At 8:06 PM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

angie, i am most certainly NOT on the nyu alum curcuit, though i do enjoy wine & cheese, and would like some please.

sideways is good, but overrated. people seem to think it's the best thing since grilled cheese sandwiches.

i wonder if eternal sunshine had been an awards season flick, would it be getting the acclaim it actually deserves?


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