Wednesday, December 08, 2004

POPCORN: Super Sized... Beating the Big Mac

Super Size Me 8/10

This is one of those films, like The Blair Witch Project, that has me screaming "Why didn't I think of that?!?" Yes we all know fast food is bad for us, but exactly how bad thought is a different story. Super Size Me follows Morgan Spurlock on a dark journy into the world of fast food "heavy using". Watch his waist line expand, his mood become dependent on sugar and caffine, his penis flounder, and his liver... Well, I'm not going to ruin the best part. I dare any one to watch this film while eating a big mac. In fact, I gave up fast food (not counting Subway) and all refined carbohydrates March 1st of this year two weeks after I quit smoking. I'm very happy I did so before watching this film. In fact I was so disturb and gross feeling that I let no excuse keep me from the gym this week.

There are many worth while moments in Super Size Me, most famously "The Smoking Fry" scene which wasn't even in the final cut. As my friend Travis says, have you ever dropped a fry in the car and then cleaned it out months later? It's hard right, but in perfect condition. Which leads you to wonder, how bad is something for you if bacteria and mold won't even feed on it?

The movie doesn't grill just McDonald's, but tackles the issues of obesity, eating disorders, cultural standards of beauty, lethargy, socio-economic factors of nutrition, and more. This is the best documentary I've seen since Bowling for Columbine. While not necesarily an emotional trigger like Farenheit 911, Super Size Me is a much better crafted non fiction piece. Although, can you really compare fast food to global politics in importance? I guess I just did, but not in that way.

If you're looking for motivation to keep those New Year's resolutions this year, invest in this film for your DVD collection.


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