Thursday, January 06, 2005

THE BOX: Alyson Hannigan gets in Love Hewitt's Game

First I would just like to say, "Alyson, you're better than this".

Okay, for all you Hannigan fans such as myself, you no longer have to venture to London's West End to find her. In fact, you can get a box sized dose this spring. After her pilot for the sitcom "Americana" failed to make it onto NBC's schedules this fall, Hannigan has signed on to "In the Game." That comedy, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ed O'Neill, has already been slated for ABC's schedule at some point this spring. Well, it does seem that ABC is the place to be.

"In the Game" focuses on an up-and-coming sports television producer (Hewitt) who accidentally becomes an on-camera star. O'Neill plays the show's executive producer and Hannigan will appear as Hewitt's best friend (according to Zap2It & The Hollywood Reporter).

I love Miss Hannigan, but I don't know if I can tolerate Hewitt. This show would have to be of Sports Night caliber to make Love barable.

Hannigan is a very talented dramatic actress who belongs in film or a show like Desperate Housewives. (IMO). From what I've read though, the recently married actress wants only a sitcom deal because she's comfortable with that kind of working schedule. Looks like her wish has come true.


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