Thursday, January 13, 2005

THE BOX: Dangerous Liasons and other Family Lies on ABC

Lost 1-13 "Hearts & Minds"

Now, was anything really all that shocking? I don't really think so. So, I was right that there was no incest, but everyone else was right who believed Boone & Shannon got it on. How's that you say? Lost stole the Dangerous Liasons/Cruel Intentions plot of wealthy children raised as brother and sister though second marriages. In this case Boone's mother married Shannon's father when Boone was 12 and she was 8. The brother, Boone, then develops an unhealthy sexual fixation with his step-sister. The sister is completely aware of this and uses her sexuality to manipulate her brother into whatever she wants. The Lost plot doesn't stray too far from that senario. The twist is that Shannon fakes abusive relationships with men all over the world and calls Boone to her rescue. He pays off the man who then splits the profits with Shannon. In Sydney, Shannon's man of the moment bolted without sharing. She runs to Boone where they have a heart to heart and embark in some fun family fornication. Next day, plane goes down.

On the island, Locke uses Boone's obsession with Shannon to work some island mojo. Which unfortunately played too predictable following along the same lines of Jack, Charlie, and Locke's own experience with the island. Boone is confronted with a situation that will, as the proverb goes "kill him or make him stronger". Coming out alive and motivated, Boone experiences the necesary "relief" needed to let go of hope and the outside world and become one with his new home.

Elsewhere, Hurley is sick and makes up with Jin. Sayid is confused by polar magnetism when comparing a compass to the sun. Jack has a growing distrust of Locke. Kate and Sun start a garden.

Disappointment: I found this episode very disappointing as it played out exactly as one would expect. In fact, my main problem with the show is that is puts the same character through the same situations. I really wish the show would just move on to the bigger picture or do something different as this point. You know what "Lost Boys", we get it okay. We get it. You don't have to play out the same island mystery power again and again and again and agin, cut with flashbacks again and again and again. I'm much more interested in what's going on now. The Claire/Ethan and Sayid/Frenchie plotlines have the best going for them right now. As well as Locke, but do we really need to see him convert each castaway one by one to his side week after week?

New Info: Blood. As Spike once said, "It's always about the blood". It seem that there is a physical way to invoke the island power, mix the earth with your blood.

Real or Hallucinations? Are "the others" that Jack and Boone experienced in their releasing moments real beings or all in their minds? I think they are real, I think they are very real. The Island has the power to manifest thought whatever that thought maybe. The idea and concept of release is similar to that of worldly abandonment in the stages of Nirvana. How can there be two Shannon's? Easily, because that's what Boone needed.

Dead Again: Yes, still dead. The island is a test of release. I don't think the island is simply, purgatory in the way Catholocism would teach. It's more like a combition of eastern religions and possible occultist beliefs in inter-dimenions. I think Charlie is the key to everything. What did he see when he "died"? Ethan and the French lady I believe to be real, not coporeal hallucinations, but very real. I think they are still on the island because they refuse to give in, the refuse to let go. They're still on "level one" if you will.

Here's a look at next week's David Fury episode of Lost: "Special".

On the second hour of J.J. Abram's night, Alias's first post season openner did not disappoint.

Sydney and the APO gang have to take out a super computer. Syd tells her dad, Jack Bristow!, that she's going to let Nadia know that he ordered the hit on their mom. Syd knows you can't hide much from a black ops CIA agent, so she wants to be the one to share. Jack knows that Nadia will be gunning for him. He takes Nadia under his wing and leaks to her forged papers that indicate their current suspect is the one responsible for the death of her mother.

As my second week as an Alias watcher, I found this episode to be much more solid than the structure of "Authorized Personnel Only". The show could unfold as it needed to with out being stuffed with expostion to catch up us newbies and get all the familiars into APO. I might become an Alias fan yet.


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