Monday, January 10, 2005

THE BOX: Day 4 starts with a bang, missiles, and more!

First I would like to ad that my normal witty recaps and eye candy pics of Desperate Housewives will have to wait as I was to busy tuning into 24 last evening. Speaking of, what are we supposed to watch ABC? You’re airing a new episode of DH while NBC is airing the Golden Globes of which four DH cast members as well as the show were nominated. Hello, someone needs to prioritize over in scheduling!

DAY 4: 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. (9/10)

Everyone, come quick, Jack Bauer is in love! Well he’s technically “falling in love” with Audrey Raines, who happens to be the senior policy advisor to the Secretary of Defense, James Heller. Jack is now working for Heller who also happens to be Audrey’s dad, which complicates matters. Audrey, don’t you know how dangerous it is to sleep with Jack Bauer? Read his file, all his women die (or are at least held captive)!

Okay as the day starts, Jack and Audrey get dressed and meet with Heller. They are in LA on business. Jack is on his way to CTU to meet with Erin Driscoll (aka this season’s dumb bitch so far) to discuss CTU’s defense budget. Can you feel the tension? Erin fired Jack for being a heroine junkie (see Day 3). She seems to have the asinine righteousness of Ryan Chappell with the street smarts of Kim Bauer, which makes for a lethal combination for all involved.

While Jack and Erin exchange quips, Chloe with her still present sarcastic bitter attitude, works up intel on a commuter train explosion/attack that happened moments earlier. Turks are believed to be involved. Chloe gets a call from Andrew Paige (Lukas Haas aka the little kid from Witness), a college friend and fellow comp sci genius. While Andrew was stealing software from Adobe, he happened upon a secret code. He did some research and discovered the global internet structure was being threatened. Chloe takes the information to Erin, who tells her to concentrate on the Turks and turn the threat intel over to the FBI. Chloe does as Chloe’s told.

Train explodes! Okay, at 7 a.m. a commuter train carrying people and one pesky black briefcase was derailed in the early morning hours. The briefcase escapes while bodies and blood scatter across the landscape. The briefcase soon arrives at the home of Araz Family - Lady’s and gentlemen meet the beautiful and talented Shohreh Aghdashloo. Navi Araz receives the briefcase which his son, Behrooz will deliver. Navi then lectures his son about the dangers of dating an American girl and how he needs to cut this girl from their lives. It could ruin everything.

While Jack is at CTU, Audrey goes with Papa Heller to her brother’s home. Heller pleads with his son to abandon plans to speak out against the administration during a Lockhead protest.

Back at CTU, agents bring in the Turk. Jack recognizes his face and tells Driscoll that this guy is a big player and wouldn’t risk entry into the US for a measly train bombing. Erin brushes Jack’s information and concerns aside. Jack goes to Chloe. Chloe shares with Jack a memo saying that the bombing was supposed to happen at 8 a.m., not 7 a.m. Jack, sure that the train bombing was just a distraction or just the beginning, breaks into the interrogation of the Turk. Screaming “What happens at 8 a.m.?” It’s 7:55 by this point mind you. Frustrated, Jack shoots the suspect in the leg and yells some more. Finally, the Turk cracks… “Secretary of Defense!”

Jack, not wanting another woman he loves to get killed, calls Audrey immediately. The warning comes too late as missiles fly. The entire secret service detail is eradicated as Audrey and Heller are kidnapped.

Now, they’ve done it.

The Turks have pissed of Jack Bauer. Day Four has begun.

24 is much too complex for me to attempt to summarize each episode. I tried to do the first hour justice. The second hour become more complex as bodies everywhere stack up. For details, check out the official episode guide.

At 8:58 a.m., we find out the intentions of the internet threat and how far Jack is willing to go to get Audrey back.

Since I know you’re dying for my opinion, I’ll give it to you.

The Retool: The show does feel strange without Tony, Michelle, Kim, Chase, Palmer, or any familiar face. In fact, the lack of familiarity actually had me happy to see Chloe who was a far from favorite character of mine during day three. By wiping out the cast, the creators now have full leverage to again double and triple cross us if need be. We no longer will be critical and screaming, “No, Tony’s a good guy”, or “Nina must be behind all of this”, or “What dumb thing will Kim do this week?”. The slate has been cleaned so that no one is safe. As a side note, many characters will be doing guest spots throughout the season.

The threat quality: Day one focused on assassination, Day two - a nuclear bomb, and Day Three - a biological attack. Day four has no clear cut major threat in this style yet, but I have a feeling the internet trial is to distract officials and all law enforcement from a more nefarious threat taking place in Los Angeles. What is that Araz family really up to? Did the internet codes really have to do with the war crimes broadcast or is there something greater at play, like bringing down the global economic structure of the western world?

Erin Driscoll: If you are a fan of 24 you know that all things are not as they seem. Also, if you're been watching the show long enough, you know that the writers take that assumption into effect and will sometimes make things even more twisted. For instance, you might suspect an agent of being dirty only to find out that they are truely heroic. The opposite, the most descent seaming people can do dispicable things yet turn out to be on the right side. Sound confusing? Maybe, but if you watch the show and have a three digit IQ, you know what I'm talking about. So, is Erin as inept and troublesome as the first two hours would lead us to believe? I doubt it. I think this character will be the most complex newbie the show has to offer. Also, do men and women ever get that petty and snide with each other without sex being part of their past? I guess it could happen...

Pet Peeve: My biggest problem with the show last night was not the show itself, but the airing of Dennis Haysbert’s Allstate Insurance ads. It feels sacrilegious somehow.

Catch 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox. Aisha Tyler makes her series debut tonight.


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