Thursday, January 06, 2005

THE BOX: “It belonged to the man I killed”

Lost 1-12: "Whatever the Case May Be"

Key Players this episode: Jack/Kate/Sawyer & Sayid/Shannon

From ABC: "Kate is out climbing trees for fruit when she runs into Sawyer. They walk through an unexplored part of the jungle, hear the sound of running water and come into a clearing to find a waterfall. They climb to the top and dive into the water to find that this lagoon is not as perfect as it looked. On the bottom, still strapped to their airplane seats, they find two bodies. Horrified, they surface, but Sawyer wants to dive back down and see if he can find any valuables. Kate spots a silver Haliburton case, which she brings up and claims as her own - however, she doesn't have the key, which leads Sawyer to believe otherwise. Kate attempts to act as if the case doesn't matter to her and hands it over to Sawyer." Click for more

Answers, answers nowhere to be found. Shannon finally gets some play besides being a whiny bitch. Sayid befriends her hoping to tap into her French skills.

Most of the episode is focused on the building tension between Kate, Dr. Jack, and Sawyer. Needless to say, Kate has issues. What's with that toy plane anyway?

Charlie is lifted out of his catatonic state by that friendly lady from “White Rabbit” who believes her husband is still alive. Boone has fallen in with Locke, which by looking at next weeks teaser for “Hearts & Minds”, seams to be a foolish move.

Claire is still missing.

Over all, this was by far the weakest episode of Lost. It’s quite disappointing coming off the powerful and exciting “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.” Next week looks to be more forwarding as we finally learn more about Boone and Shannon.

Here’s your first look at still from Hearts & Minds:
(For more stills, check out Lost Media and Alias Media. There are now perma-links on the side panel.)


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