Monday, January 17, 2005

THE BOX: News, rumors, and pilots oh my!

Why doesn't anyone watch my show?

Veronica Mars. It's been awhile since I've posted about my favorite new and most over looked show of the season. Okay, favorite drama - I love Arrested Development more than anything. Veronica has been plucking away working cases and people trying to get to the truth behind Lily's murder. Tensions are building in Neptune as one character will meet a violent fate. Will Logan's mom through herself from bridge? We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

In Veronica casting news, E's Kristin has shared news from Kristen Bell that a new cast member will be joining the show to play Logan's sister:

---"We're announcing a new celebrity castmember next week!" K.B. revealed of Veronica Mars. "Someone that's been working on our show that we're thrilled to have. I'm under strict orders [not to say who it is], but I'm really excited about it."

Don't hate me but I'm also under strict (death threat) orders. However, I can tell you that this well-known actress is playing Logan's sister and is huge in this little world we like to call "Watch with Kristin." Over the years, we've talked about her series more than any other show. And when you fans of this cult hit find out, you're going to piddle a little. Promise.

To check out all Kristin has to say, visit her column.

What does Kristin love and rave about non stop? Two things, the Buffyverse and Alias. Alias is still on the air so that's a no brainer. It's would make sense to bring in a Buffy alum seeing that shows share a fan base. As far as the Buffyverse goes, Alyson Hannigan would be my first guess, but she just signed on for an ABC pilot. Sarah Michelle Gellar is in no hurry to return to TV. Michelle Trachtenberg is working on films as well. Charisma Carpenter and Emma Caulfield are both too old (sorry, but you are).

Which leaves Eliza Dushku or Amber Benson viaing for my conjecture. If Logan's sister is as tortured and spoiled as he, Eliza would be perfect for the role. After all with another show (see below) taking over her Tru time slot, does she have much regular work? Anyway, Tru sucked.

Although on the other hand, Kristin let's us with the words "The first episode of Veronica Mars reairs this Tuesday on UPN. The next day you'll find out the mystery sis. It will be magical!" Magic indicates witch. Witch would lean the new cast member towards Amber Benson, or maybe it's Alyson after all. Wednesday we'll all know!

Now about that other show...

Point Pleasant tries to scare up a following this week. Step away from Alias, for one night only my friends. From the mind of Marti Noxon comes hell on earth, starting where else but New Jersey. If you've been hiding under a rock, PP is the story of Christina who washes ashore and is taken in by a new family. Strange things begin happening as Christina must come to the aweful truth, her father is the one and only Satan.

Wednesday night at 9 p.m., Fox. The show then settles into it's normal Thursday night post O.C. time slot.

As for the rest of television this week:

Tonight: 24 tries to climb out of the 2 hour dismal display it offered last Monday - Fox, 9 p.m.

Tuesday: DO NOT WATCH AMERICAN IDOL! Catch the pilot of the best new drama out there, Veronica Mars - UPN, 9 p.m.

Wednesday: David Fury's 3rd episode of Lost "Special" airs - ABC, 8 p.m. QUICK, turn over to Fox to catch Point Pleasant when you're done. If you're Sci-Fied out, L & O get's it's new ADA at 10 p.m. Speaking of, WTF was with Serena's "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" line last week. Talk about random.

Thursday: Watch the second episdoe of Point Pleasant, if it's any good. If it sucks, go see a movie, have a beer, catch up on sleep, or pretend to have a life.

Friday: If you really have no life, Jonny Zero, the new show from Fox isn't that bad. It does make you feel dirty. Like a gritty-dirty, not a sexy-dirty. It's steal the redemption plot line to Angel minus the gothic vampire thingy.

Have I mentioned how much I loved Angel, and now I miss Angel. Okay, loser alert, I know. I really, really don't try to relate everything back to Buffy, but it's like the Kevin Bacon of television shows.

That my friends, is this week in the box.


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