Thursday, January 20, 2005

THE BOX: The return of Claire (and the Polar Bears)

Yes kids, it's Thursday which means it's time for our latest Lost update. Last night’s episode definitely was a better turn then the previous few weeks. In fact, it’s the best episode since they lost Claire. The writers are giving us a few more clues to work from. For the first time since this whole adventure started, I might not think they are dead now after all. P.S. I love you David Fury.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, the island has the power to manifest your worst fears. After an encounter with said fear, a character finds comfort and release.

Children. The island seems to have a “special”, meaning occultist, tie to children. Take for instance the psychic who purposely put Claire on the plane to purposely crash. He also exhibited extreme fear of her unborn (From "Raised by Another"). The closer Claire came to term, the more she too seemed to have a sixth sense. One would assume the powers were from the child growing inside her. The French woman, Danielle, from “Solitary” also had a child, Alex. What happen to him? Now we learn Walt too is as the episode suggests, “special”. Walt seems to have always exhibited supernatural powers to manifest things, like the bird crashing into the window to subconsciously demand attention. Could the entire island and crash be due to Walt’s will? That’s three references to children. Speaking of threes…

Symbolism. The number three, like in a triangle, has special significance in many religions including Christianity and the traditional paganism of the British Isles. Last night, Charlie, while reading Claire’s diary, found mention of “black rock” in a passage about a dream. This is the third mention or visual clue. If you remember, in “house of the rising sun” Kate and Jack discovered rocks as the only possession of Adam and Eve. Again, back to Danielle in “solitary”, she too mentioned a black rock. The episode last night made sure to remind you.

Watch Carefully. The directors have been giving visual clues through the series. How many are red herrings, we don’t know yet. Take for instance, Sawyer reading Watership Down in “White Rabbit”. If you never read the book or saw the film, you should. Last night, Walt looks at Spanish comic books that depicts an ice kingdom atop the world. Polar coordinates would explain the discrepensies in location like in ability to reconcile a compass to the sun, a problem Sayid was having last week. Granted, the tropical climate wouldn't make too much sense now would it? Also, does that little plane Kate has have anything more to do with the story? I imagine it must some how.

Monsters Schmonsters. Polar Bears aren’t monsters, they’re polar bears. Now, are you telling me that what Locke came face to face with in "Walkabout" was a bear? The tree stomping and wailing from the pilot, is that a bear? I’m not buying it. Last night, that was a polar bear – in the jungle and in the comic book.

Damn you ABC! Claire walks out of the jungle and you let us hanging! You’re blinking at American Idol. Next week, ABC is airing “Solitary” and then “Raised by Another” the following week. So, it’s at least two weeks until we have a new episode of Lost. The other possibility is that the moments in "Solitary" and "Raised" are so entirely key to the over all plot, ABC feels we need a fresher. Both are very good episodes and vitally important to understanding the island.

--For trivia sake, David Fury was also the writer of "Solitary". It seams that his episodes are the pivitol one's. The next Fury episode (1:18) is entitled "Numbers". I doesn't have a scheduled air date yet, but since it's #18, I'm betting late mid to late April.

Episode 15: “Homecoming” will air February 9th. There are no promotional stills available yet.

For more stills and captures, including hi-res files, of last nights episode, visit Lost Media.


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