Friday, January 21, 2005

THE BOX: Spike gets to the Point

Now, as if the show wasn't filled with enough eye candy (see review below) Marti Noxon wants to bring James Marsters to Point Pleasant.

Here's what Noxon had to say during an interview with sci-fi wire this week:

---Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer producer Marti Noxon told SCI FI Wire that she wants to get former Buffy and Angel star James Marsters on her new supernatural Fox series Point Pleasant. "Adam Busch, who was on Buffy as one of the super nerds, has a small role right now," Noxon told reporters at Fox's winter press preview on Jan. 17 in Universal City, Calif. "And I would really love to bring James Marsters [Spike] in at some point. We've been talking to him."

The interview goes on to say...
...she took on the job of executive producer of Point Pleasant because she liked the way it incorporated elements of Peyton Place, The O.C., Carrie and The Omen. "It's got all of that and, after the first few episodes, we'll be leaning even a little bit more toward Twin Peaks," Noxon said. "You've got a small town with lots of strange people with secrets, and the main character, Christina [Elisabeth Harnois], has this effect of drawing that out of everybody in this once-sleepy place."

For the full article, click here.

Marsters guest staring role as bad brit Spike a.k.a. William the Bloody during the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer led to proved so popular the producers made him a full cast member by season four. His sex appeal was so popular, that he spent a large majority of season six in nothing but a stragetically placed sock. That lucky SMG. The final episode gave Spike ultimate redemption as he saved the world. Not to be done in so easily, Marsters joined the cast of Angel during the final season so that Spike could give the Vampy C.E.O a run for his money.

James Marsters's Spike is the most popular of all the Buffyverse characters. If you don't believe me, type his name into any search engine to find how many sites all over the world are dedicated to Marsters/Spike. (I normally don't go all the giddy over people, but the man is sex incarnate... not to mention a talented actor and musician.)

For old times sake...
You want me to leave, you can put your hands on my hot tight little body and make me. ~Spike (on Buffy, "I was made to love you")


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