Thursday, January 06, 2005

DVD: Be My "Angel" February 15th

The last collection of DVD's in the known Buffyverse, Angel: Season Five, will be released February 15th. Amazon is now taking orders.

When we left our team of demonic do-gooders, Angel and company moved in to the newly rennovated LA branch of Wolfram & Hart aka Evil Inc. The fifth season of Angel began as a new start from the spiraling darkness Season Two, Three and Four brought with intertwined complexities. The team abandon's their hotel home and headquarters. Conor's memory has ben erased as he lives a happy "normal" life. Cordelia is in a mystical coma following the birth of Jasmine in Season Four.

The absence of core cast member, Charmisma Carpenter is passionately felt even though Buffy's James Marsters (Spike) joins the cast. While the Spike-Angel rivalry fuels building tension, the series, and Angel, struggles to find itselfs in a Cordelia-less world.

The story takes a dark turn for the worse as beloved characters are killed off one by one building towards the dark and violent series finale.

This may not be the best season as a whole, but it features some of the greatest episodes in the shows history including:

"Your Welcome" with guest stars Charisma Charpenter as Cordelia and Christian Kane and Lindsay
"Smile Time" or the one where Angel is transformed into a muppet
"Origin" with guest star Vincent Kartheiser reprising his role as Conor
and "Not Fade Away" or the final fight.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Darren said...

Looks like the cover to gay vampire erotica.


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