Thursday, January 06, 2005

DVD: For the "Wonder" of it all

I've already insisted that you purchase The X-Files and Angel today, so what the hell. Good things come in threes you know.

On February 1st, Wonderfalls: The Complete Series, will be released. Cancelation of this quirky sarcastically elitist show after only four weeks is one of the least intelligent choices made by Fox. I hope Point Pleasant doesn't follow the same fate.

What is this "Wonderfalls", you ask? Well it's the brain child of Todd Holland and Bryan Fueller. Also on the writing team was Tim Minear, an alum of Angel, Firefly, The X-Files, Lois & Clark, and many others.

Wonderfalls follows the story of Jaye Tyler, a brilliant and bitter underachieving elitist ivy league graduate who works at a Niagra Falls souvenier shop. Jaye's life is changed forever when inanimate objects start talking to her. Their cryptic one liners lead Jaye into peculiar and comical situations where she unwillingly helps out mankind.

Only 13 episodes were ever shot, only four aired.


At 11:49 PM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

most, if not all of the unaired episodes filtered around on the internet. i've got 'em downloaded, but have never gotten around to watch them. i'll try to do so before the dvd comes out, i suppose.


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