Monday, January 17, 2005

The Gorgeous and Frightening Sites of the Globes

Yes, yes, I can’t truly cover the show without adding comments about the fashion. After all, I did want to be a fashion designer at one point, as well as a corporate lawyer, an anthropologist, an architectural engineer, a history teacher, and a physicist. NYU accepted me, so I became a filmmaker – then went out into the real world and became an executive (temporarily of course). Okay now that that is over, the best dressed!

Sidenote: There was definite need for more supported actresses. Was there a memo? What was it with this years boobs? I was scared. They all seemed slung low or especially nipply. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m hypercritical. It’s just when nature is inappropriate, lingerie can pick up and cover up when necessary.

Other side note: The year of the brunette is over (for reference, I have black hair - naturally). Next I’m seeing platinum blondes, bright white vanilla blondes.

For real now, on the with show superficial criticism.

5. Felicity Huffman-She never got the acclaim she truly deserved for Sports Night. Now, she's not just William H. Macy's arm candy on the red carpet. She can also proudly say, she's not the frumpy housewife anymore.

4. Cate Blanchett-The girl always looks plucked from another decade with class that makes everyone else feel some how lower.

3. Glenn Close - For a - dare I say it - older actress, she looks amazing without trying to look to young or to flashy.

2. Nicole Kidman - Her normal haute couture style was very off during last year's Globes. Being the Chanel spokesperson comes with some perks - stylistic perfection.

1. Naomi Watts - I didn't just pick Naomi because she's my favorite actress, but can you really argue her simple stunning glamour?

What were these people thinking?

3. Halle Berry - Stacked ruffles look good on no one, even Halle Berry.

2. Diane Keaton - Annie Hall came out before I was born, so dated doesn't even begin to describe this atrocious concoction. Diane, really, how long is it before you're yelling "Gladiator!"

1. Natalie Portman - It's hard, very hard to make Miss Portman look anything less than stunning. Yet with frock which looks like a nightgown she stole from Winnona Ryder, Natalie works wonders... scary, tragic, wonders.


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