Wednesday, January 19, 2005

POPCORN: The Bang of "Dynamite"

Before getting into Napoleon Dynamite, I would like to say how pissed I was last night when I ran over to the video store after work only to find all the copies of Friday Night Lights rented. What kind of video store has two wall devoted to Dodgeball, but only 8 copies of FNL, fuckers.

Without saying to much about this film - because after watching it I really am speechless - I figured I'd post a few brief thoughts. First, being 25, the late 70's/early 80's production design of the quirky Idaho teen's world was reminiscent of my own working class childhood. In fact, the entire film reminded me of what it was like to be six again. The ridiculous part is that these were teens acting in the manner of kindergarteners. The film was bizarre in a quirky fun way, not in a flashy "edgy" way. Throughout, I teetered between finding the film f-ing hilarious or thoroughly annoying. The final scene was so ridiculously hilarious that it tipped the scales enough for me to recommend this film to anyone and everyone. If you find yourself bored and annoyed after twenty minutes, just skip ahead to the climax. This film has it's own brand of humor that doesn't make it digestible to the masses, but it definitely has a spot reserved in cult film history.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger djbenvolio said...

awesome. of all the screen captures to choose from, that is the ugliest picture i could think of. it totally captures the film. the guy playing napolean looks like my friend's brother howard 15 years ago, and he speaks with the frankness and bluntness of an angry greg kohler. the movie rocks...if only because i can relate to it on multiple levels.


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