Monday, January 24, 2005


Well, I successfully removed my car from a mediocre sized snow drift this morning making it my first outing since Friday night at around 6 when I returned from work. My Ben made me a wonderful breakfast in bed of eggs and whole wheat pancakes to celebrate our respective snow days. It was, all in all, a pretty uneventful weekend, aside from the death of the much beloved and missed Johnny Carson.

Together, we used our time inside to catch up on our DVD viewing. We finally got around to watching most of season seven of Buffy which we picked up back in November, but never took the time to watch. We also watched the Steelers lose during commerical breaks from The Simpsons, Arrested Development, and Desperate Housewives.

I'm quite happy about the Steelers loss. It's nothing against the Steelers, it's more about those obnoxious arrogant Steelers fans. This entire season, our newspaper has been inundated with angry letters from fans because we are considered a Baltimore market. That means, if the Ravens play on the same day at the same time as the Steelers, CBS carries Ravens games. This is decided by the NFL and the local Steelers nuts have been making a huge ordeal about it urging people to boycott CBS (not that I watch anything on that network anyway). To put this in perspective, I live 30 minutes from the Baltimore city limits. I'm about 5 hours from Pittsburgh. I mean it's not like there is a war, or a presidential election, or a take over of our local school system by fundementalists. After all, the two Steelers games that were "preempted" over the past season were of utmost importance. To that end I would like to say "HAH!" to all you fans.

As for Sunday night television, Arrested was brilliant - well mostly the last five minutes. If you missed the return of Lucille II (Liza Minelli), she is used as a sexual pawn when GOB makes a successful bid to take over the Bluth company. GOB is now the president, for real. Poor sweet Buster also finds love. Granted, all of this is purely coicidential as everyone on the show just happens into their fates.

Lucille II & Buster conoodle last season.

After two weeks of being unable to catch desperate housewives, I was very happy to get my fix. I love the way each show is written thematically. Almost like "everyman" morality plays for suburbanites.

Episode: 1-13 "Your Fault"

---When Lynette's father-in-law (guest star Ryan O'Neal as Rodney Scavo) pays a visit, she unwittingly learns a family secret. Meanwhile Susan is disturbed by Julie's growing romance with Zach, Rex attempts to reconcile with Bree, and Gabrielle is shocked when John's parents ask her for a favor.

Which if you saw the episode, leads to the question, "WTF is up with Zach"?!? The directors portray Paul, his father, as the nutcase, but when it comes down to it, Zach is by far the craziest of the crazies the show has to offer.


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