Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Beyond Part...

No, no, no… Arrested must stay!

Since “American Dad” (though poorly reviewed) fared so well in the post Superbowl ratings, Fox has decided to not pit it at 9 p.m. against Desperate Housewives – not that I think the shows share demographics – but has moved it to 8:30 in the post Simpson’s spot. But what does that mean for Arrested Development, the best written non HBO written sitcom since "Seinfeld"? Bye Bye. No, AD’s time slot is not shifting, the show is going away. Fox has cut it’s order for this season so that the show (and maybe the series) will end in April.

The Prodigal Son Returns

Law & Order has some shifting of it’s own as Mr. Big aka Mike Logan aka Chris Noth comes back into the family fold. Noth was the original star of the original Law & Order. He will then join SVU’s Dan Florek as the only remaining pilot cast members still in the franchise. Ironically, Florek is on SVU and Noth will be stepping in to CI - no originals remain on the mothership. While NBC has been promoting his guest spot which airs this Sunday, Noth will become a permenanat fixture at the start of next season. Does this mean Vincent is vacating? No no no… don’t worry. Our friendly neighborhood fainter is splitting is “major case” load with Logan. The detectives will switch off heading up investigations, each heading 11 episodes.

And that’s what’s new and cool today.


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