Thursday, February 10, 2005

THE BOX: Claire Comes Home

Locke coveres Sawyer who covers Sayid covering Charlie who just shot Ethan. Kate and Jack watch for fun.

Lost 1:15 - Homecoming:

Claire isn't having a happy homecoming.

So, Claire walked out of the jungle and as promised has no memory of the crash on any of the events that have transpired since.

This is what happens when a former dope fiend rock star goes up against the islands "bad guy".

Ethan is determined to get his baby back, or her baby back, or her, or whatever that nutty boy wants. He traps Charlie and tell him to bring Claire back or Ethan will kill a castaway everyday until there are none left. He will save Charlie for last, so he can watch the death and know that it's all his fault.

Who's got the gun?
Remember all those 9mm's? Well Jack breaks them out. He takes one, give one to Locke, and one to Sayid. They need a 4th gun man, so Jack arms Sawyer. Kate feels left out, but Jack refuses to let her go up against Ethan unarmed. Sawyer gives the lady a 9 mm he's been stashing for safe keeping. Armed now, they set up a trap for Ethan with Claire as bait. Trapped, Jack procedes to beat the shit out of Ethan. When finally subdued, someone empties there clip into Ethan's chest. It's Charlie, but where did he get a gun? Was it Jack's? Did I blink? Damn you Charlie, always messing things up. Now Kate can't pump Ethan for information and Sayid can't torture anyone. At least you can sleep at night now, right?

Charlie's Story -
The episode also featured flashbacks of the former DriveShaft-er doing stereotypical selfish junkie things. The best of the cliched and annoying backstory features Charlie puking in a copier.

Attention Lost - GET ON WITH IT!


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