Thursday, February 17, 2005

THE BOX: First Look at Trina Echolls

What the hell did Alyson do to her hair?

Can't wait until next Tuesday to get a glimpse of Alyson Hannigan on Mars. You don't have to... here are your first looks. Hannigan recently gave an interview about her character, Trina Echolls, saying...

"She's a Hollywood brat. She's a poor little rich girl. She's got rich parents, so she's spoiled, but trying to be an actress in her own right, but that's not going well. She's a party girl, likes to spend money that isn't hers. It was fun, because it was a complete departure from the other parts I've been playing for the last seven years."

Hannigan is turn as Trina isn't a once and done deal. Besides next Tuesday's episode, she will be back on April 19th in an episode called "Hot Dog".

As for the fate of "Mars", Hannigan says...

"Hopefully they'll get picked up for a second season, and there'll be more of a big arc for my character. Call me optimistic, but if UPN wants to have good shows on the network, I would think they'd keep the ones they have. They need to keep 'Veronica Mars,' because it's such a good show. I don't understand why people aren't watching it."

Neither do I.


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