Wednesday, February 09, 2005

THE BOX: Last Night, Tonight, and Beyond

Last night, Veronica Mars:

Last nights return of VM was a great episode. Unfortunately, only myself and two other people were watching. VM’s ratings have it pretty must destined for cancellation at the end of the season. Maybe Alyson Hannigan can breath some life into the show, but in a season where Heather Locklear can’t even keep a show on the air (no matter how bad it may be) what power will the red headed cult favorite have? Anyway, Hannigan desperately wants a ½ hour sitcom to keep with her newly found married life schedule. Since she left the ABC project “In the Game”, the entire show has been scrapped. That makes two post Buffy sitcoms that won’t see air. Alyson’s character, Logan’s sister, was first referenced last night. Oh what a bitch she will be. Logan also came crawling to Veronica’s door. By the by, I love Logan. I think it’s just because he bares a striking resemblence (physical, personality, and bank account) to a former roommate of mine. Okay people, one more time, WATCH THE SHOW.

If you don’t want to watch VM, you either are, or should be watching House. Apparently, more and more people are tuning in to the new medical drama. My only problem with the show is the lack of supporting interest/cast/character/story. Hugh Laurie’s House is tragically and sadistically beautiful. The main problem lies in the boring people around him. Okay creative team, grow your show!


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