Tuesday, February 08, 2005

THE BOX: Monday Meltsdown, Tune in Tuesday

24's Painful Meltdown
Another thing about PA dutch folks is that they love their nucleur power plants. We have three within a 60 mile radius, most famously TMI which nearly melted down in 1979 - coinsidentally the year I was born. This unfortunately led to us local being called the TMI babies and mocked by teachers throughout school. I wasn't born around her and find it quite obnoxious, especially the 10 millionth time you hear it. Anyway, 24 is melting down - and not in a good way. This season is the worst one, and near painfully boring. I spent most of last night distracted by Tony's soul patch and annoyed by the fact that my favorite character was drinking budwiser from a coffee mug while watching Spanish soccer. The plots twists aren't twisty and frankly I really don't care. The world as they have it can meltdown. 24 desperately needs to retool it's retool. In fact, I say, give it one more season, the put a stake in it. Five is a nice number to go out on, unless you can get your act together long enough to undo the crap that's been done.
Trivia: While unsuccefully trying to find of photo of Tony with the coffee mug watching soccer, I happened upon a site called Aleimda is God - Okay people, you're just creepy.

Tune in Neptune
Veronica Mars finally returns with new episodes tonight where we find out what happen to Logan's mom on the bridge. Is she really dead? Who knows, but will some of you neilsen people, whoever you are, watch the damn show. It's ratings are only getting worse. I sense "my so called life" syndrome about to afflict Veronica.


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