Friday, February 11, 2005

The Box: Not so bad is somewhat better

I finally found a good pic of Adam Busch with his new found yummy scruffiness on Point Pleasant.

Too bad none of you were actually watching Point Pleasant last night. (Both The O.C. & PP came in 5th in the ratings). The fifth episode of the so so series turned out to be rather good and the writers seem to be hitting their stride.

Last night's episode showed a little more of Grant Show's character as the tables start to turn on Miss Anti-Christ (more anti than christ like). Last night's episode actually set up a transtion that completely reverses all the relationships as the were set up in the pilot... In a good way. The adults were actually able to keep their clothes on and there were very little string bikini shots even though the episode was accompanied by a warning for sexual explicitness. Go figure.

Now, if they can only ditch Paula (Cameron Richardson) and get poor Elizabeth Harnois some acting lessons. Unfortunately her range thus far is "Angel", represented by "sad face", and "Devil", represented by "seductive face". (see below)


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