Tuesday, February 15, 2005

THE BOX: The Official Word

In the world of television, E! News columnist Kristin Vietch, knows just about everything about everyone - Kinda like me circa 1987. She has excellent taste too - okay, we basically agree on everything. Kristin column this week features tidbits on the fate of Arrested Development and on the yet to be aired The Office which is high on the hopes here at the Brain Drain. Unlike myself, Kristin is important and actually has seen episodes. Below are her main reasons to watch the show. For more information on how to win a copy of Season Five of Angel (out today), what you can do to save Arrested, and that silly fake Lost script, visit her site.

"Clearly, this silly little couch-tater column is hardly the place to wax political, but forgive me. It's time I tell the world where I stand on one issue: I am staunchly, unflinchingly and categorically against the death penalty...when it comes to undeserving TV shows. With recent developments illustrating the uncertain fate of Arrested Development and American Dreams, and a reminder that Angel was too good to go, I'm all jazzed up about saving the innocents this week, including, for starters, saving a series that hasn't even aired yet.

Office-al Obsession: I think I'm in love. And I'm not talking about John Stamos."

Series Premier: Mar. 24th.

1. Steve Carell Might Be the Funniest Man Alive: I say this not just because he tried to open-mouth kiss me at a recent NBC party (affection can't buy me!).
2. Fans of the Original Won't Be Disappointed: With a few scripts borrowed from the UK version and updated with Yank references and the other five entirely new, Workplace is a perfect blend of familiarity and freshness.
3. The Supporting Cast Is Out of Control: With the exception of Rainn Wilson, whom Six Feet Under's fans know as Mama Fisher's boy toy Arthur, you might not recognize a one of 'em, but trust me, you will instantly adore this cast.
4. Dumb People Won't Get It: Like Arrested, Workplace's humor is probably too quirky, too witty and too smart for the majority of viewers, who like their comedy laugh-tracked and spoon-fed.
5. NBC Relies on Word of Mouth: Hence, the reason I'm breaking out my pom-poms to rah-rah this show.

Watch with Kristin for more.


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