Tuesday, February 08, 2005

THE BOX: Spoiling ABC (just a little bit)

I'm not normally big on spoilers because it ruins watching your shows unfold. It is nice knowing when certain cast members are coming and going, all admit, but to spoil a show does exactly that.

Well through the rumour mill (E! + Dark Horizons + Darren) here are some spoileriffic tibits about your favorite ABC shows.

Wysteria Lane's Closets Open

The following contains Desperate Housewives spoilers:

Apparently it's going to be Andrew van de Kamp (Shawn Pyfrom), vehicular homocidal son of Bree van der Kamp (Marcia Cross) who's coming out. Don't expect any boy on boy action as the discovery will not be made my someone catching a live performance of deep throat. In an even more bizarre turn, an even bigger rumour has it that one of the stars — who has apparently been dating a WB star for 18 months — is going to reveal her own sexuality, just in time for May sweeps. The preplaned PR campaign is said to feature a cover story in The Advocate, plus a tour of the talk shows. Seeing that Felicity is married to William H. Macy, Teri Hatcher recently got divorced, Nicollette recently got engaged, and Eva is always trotting around with basketball players, it seams only obvious that the starlette in question would be Marcia Cross. The real question is, who's her girlfriend? Some are sayaing Lori Loughlin of Summerland (and Full House), who was spotted not too long ago with Cross at a Lakers game, and Nina Feeney, who co-starred with Cross on Everwood. However, most are pointing fingers in the direction of Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham.

To quote my excited friend... "OMG! I highly doubt most of this is true, but if two of my favorite women on television were in a real life lesbian relationship, well, i might just pee a little. "

Also on Wysteria Lane, Susan discovers one of Mike's secrets not long before he becomes a suspect in the recent homicide and Tom's secret gets revealed. Mark Cherry is also considerinig a spin-off.

Lost Loses a Head!

Lost Spoilers ahead:

One of our favorite or not so favorite castaways is heading for death (unless they are already dead). The axe is falling in the next few episodes but even the cast isn't in the know. Maggie Grace recently said "You'll see more of the connections between the characters and their pasts, and where our lives intersected before the plane crash." One of them apparently will be Sawyer having something to do with Jack's reason for trekking to Australia.


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