Thursday, February 10, 2005

THE BOX: Sydney Sleepwalks

Alias 4:07 "Nocturne"

This episode of Alias was brilliant. Though it didn't feature Sydney in more than you can count identity changes, the concept allowed the direction to get creative.

Sydney fights off a vampire, I mean Rage infected zombie, I mean Nocturne infected agent.

Sydney is bitten, not by a vampire, but by an agent infected with Nocturne, a synthetic virus. The condition resembles "rage" from 28 Days Later including biting and blood vomit. Anyway, the virus shuts down the brains abitity to rest and recharge creating sleep walkers. Think back to psych 101. What happens when the brain doesn't acheive mandatory REM? You go insane, well, you exist in a waking dream. So to the outside world you are insane. But you have lost all concept of reality. Now, give a super agent this condition and send her into the field with her father and ex and now quasi boyfriend - chaos insues. Don't worry, everything works out for the best.

For trivia sake, while I was in college, I was diagnosed with chronic sleep deprivation. I had a genetic problem which was finally caught when I was 20. I wasn't dreaming right and after 20 years, the deficit caught up to me. Luckily I never tried to kill anyone. I did slip into extreme paranoia one night when I believed a clown was following me back to my dorm as I walked through Chinatown. Convinced I was completely insane, the college folks scanned my brain, performed a surgery, and voila... here I am today sleeping a dreaming right. Oh, and no clowns.


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