Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Destinee V. The Cookie Monster

Last night I tried to burn a DVD. I've had my DVD-Rom for over a year now and have used DVD's to back up my system, but yes I finally attempted to burn video to DVD. Only now am I discovering that the software that came with my drive, Nero, and Adobe Premier, both do not have DVD - Video file output components. That or I'm simply a retard. Nero claims to be able to do it, I only have to purchase an additional $70 plug in program. Okay, then why do I have this program to begin with? Ugh! Between Nero, Premier, Ulead, and MS software, I figured something on my computer could encode AVI files to DVD. But I was bested, so if any of you have advice - I'm willing to hear it. Why can't I just have an Avid in my kitchen? Oh yeah, I'm poor, that's why. Anyway, I made a VCD of the film "Destinee V. The Cookie Monster" so my sister could watch it and be in awe of herself. I mean, that's the whole reason I went through this headache in the first place. Not really Cannes material. So, I figured I'd share a still from the film, basically just to push my littlest sis as the cutest 9 year old ever (yes, I'm aware I'm bias).


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