Thursday, February 17, 2005

State of the blog, just a note

I haven't had much to share the past couple days about television or film. I figured, I'd let you in on why.

Sissy Spacek in Dreamworks' The Ring Two - 2005

POPCORN: This past year delivered so many great films, but this award season is the most boring and mundane since the 2001 race. I just don't care about most of it and therefore have lost all interest in updating everyone. If you're really excited about all the kudos, check out Variety's award central coverage - no subscription needed - where all is chronicled. Also, there is normally very little that hits theaters to spark my interest until March/Aprilish so I probably won't have many popcorn reviews until then.

Misa Uehara in Lions Gate's Ju-On - 2004

DVD: I made this ridiculous promise to myself about 6 or more months ago that I would not buy anymore DVD's. That's crazy, you must be thinking. The reason is purely one of spatial relations. In our small two room apartment, we have DVD's piled in every nook and cranny. The hutch to our computer desk is filled with box sets. The DVD case in the hall is filled and even more discs are piled up on top. The studio room, our living room/bedroom combo, has stacks of DVD's and box sets mixed in by the PS2, Nintendo, and SuperNES. We've just run out of room. Granted, Ben made no such promise, so "his" collection keeps growing. I lent about 20 or so to my mother to free up some space. This summer we'll be moving into our house where the living room is actually equipped as a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves on two full walls. In my purchasing draught, Ben enrolled us in Blockbuster's unlimited rental program. While I firmly hate Blockbuster, we don't have any other place from which to rent. Since BB has eliminated it's Late Fees (which is just a tricky euphemism), their shelves have been bare. I have been trying to rent Friday Night Lights, Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow, Ray, & the Grudge all month. Last week, I scored a copy of Ju On: The Grudge. When I sat down to watch it Sunday, I only made it past the title sequence before the DVD player went all Capt. Spastic. Very angry at this point with our DVD player that has been all wiggidy whacked for a few months, we put the disc in the PS2. It played despite severe damage to the disc. How and/or why BB still had this disc in rotation is beyond me. The film was very good, at least the first 45 minutes because THAT'S ALL I F-ING SAW! The disc wouldn't play anymore. At this point I was about to go postal on BB. I didn't hurt anyone or cause a ruckus when returning the disc. Luckily, I did get a copy of Ray which I have yet to watch. I also picked up the SMG version of The Grudge hoping to find out how the film ended. I'm hoping the films are very similar. Otherwise, I might just go buy Ju On: The Grudge. So, as soon as BB has more discs available, I'll have more reviews.

Josh Holloway as "Outlaw" Sawyer

As for THE BOX: Something must be wrong with me this week. I feel asleep both Tuesday, during Veronica Mars, and last night during Alias, only to wake up at 2 a.m. to turn off the television. This is why I don't have "thoughts" on either show this week. It's a shame because both episodes were very good, at least what I remember. While I could post my thoughts on Lost today, nothing else new happened as the show is still stuck in this rut. The greatness of the show is it's philosophical and metaphysical commentaries framed in a puzzle for us viewers to figure out. Unfortunately, the show hasn't give us much to work with lately. I could again say, Get On With It, but then I would be just saying the same thing over and over and over again. Granted, Sawyer being taunted by a wild boar was quite comical and a good episode. Speaking of, Sawyer is HOT! Okay, sorry for that outburst. If I can make it through Point Pleasant tonight, and it's worth posting about, look for that news tomorrow.

Other than that, I'll continue with the entertainment news that I find worthy. If you're interested in what pilot season has to offer - which I'm personally not until the networks upfronts are announced - check out Zap2It as development news is pouring in daily.



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