Monday, February 07, 2005


Okay this is quite possibly the most boring weekend I've ever had. Saturday morning was filled with shopping and circuit training. Saturday afternoon, I attended a stepford wives-eque crafting party were 15 woman sat around a table eating chocolates and playing with card stock. It was very surreal and slightly frightening. I used the opportunity to make a valentine card for Ben that featured a kangaroo saying "Hoppy Valentine's Day". Saturday night was filled with Shaun of Dead and a nap to recover from circuit training and crafting. After watching the oh so boring self love extravaganza known as the SAG awards (Teri Hatcher was cute if all else was bleh), I caught the Christina Aguillera hosted episode of SNL which was rerunning on E! - "I'm a weenie in a bottle" - yes, that one.

Why am I tell you all this? Mostly because I have nothing to blog about, but figured I should for the sake of blogging.

Sunday, I spent from 8 a.m. til 2 a.m. editing the "movie" I shot over Christmas which basically features my nine year old sister running around the house hiding from an invisible monster. She uses her special girlie powers to make it to the kitchen where the Super Christmas cookies are, only to find that the magical cookies have been gobbled up by the monster. Yes, think Alias meets Lost done in your living room featuring a 9 year old and a snazzy electro-pop soundtrack and you pretty much have the idea. I call it Dizzi v. The Cookie Monster. I know, not original, and kinda boring - like the rest of my weekend.

Ben and I then watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle which was the only thing the video store had in last week. I went all Veruka Salt for a moment pouting and obnoxiously bitching because Ray, Friday Night Lights, The Grudge, and Sky Captain were all rented. So we settled with H & K - which was pretty good considering the stoner genre - and found a copy of Ju-On (The Grudge).

It was then time for The Superbowl which turned out to be a pretty damn good game of football. Sadly, I fell asleep before I could watch the Pats destroy all hope for Eagles fans. While not obnoxious as Steeler's fans, they're pretty damn close. Even more sad, I fell asleep before both the Simpson's and American Dad.

The commercials, admittedly more of a reason for me to watch than the actual football, were super lame this year. My favorite would have to be the mortgage commercial with the fat white cat that happens upon a pot of marinara just in time to embarrass his owner. Again, not much to work with. The film spots were as bleh as bleh could be.

The wardrobe malfunctionless half time show was very good. I find it funny that they take a man from the "more popular than jesus" band to restore the Superbowl in the eyes of conservatives. Ah, the irony. Anyway, there was no wardrobe malfunction, although with all that fire Sir Paul was spoutying out, I was waiting for a pyrotechnic disaster of Jackson proportions. I love Paul - well I love the Beatles - and was happy that he played mostly Beatles songs instead of Wings Era subpar music.

And that kids, was my uneventful weekend. - Oh and didn't even get into how bizarre Puppy Bowl was. If you were flipping through the channels and crossed the path of Puppy Bowl, you know what I'm talking about.


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