Monday, March 28, 2005

Alyson tests the power of three

I love Alyson Hannigan which is apparent to anyone who reads the blog. You should love Alyson too! After what was reported to be a poor choice with her development deal at NBC ("Americana"), Hannigan signed on for a supporting role with ABC's "In the Game" staring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Both projects fell though.

Since she hung up her witch willowness on "Buffy", Hannigan (also star of the American Pies) has been doing plays in the West End and guest staring on "Veronica Mars." The actress has widely publicized that she wants a 1/2 hour comedy gig. Well, making her third attempt, thirty one year old Hannigan has signed on to "How I met your mother" a sitcom for CBS which sounds Raymond-y.


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