Wednesday, March 23, 2005

be back before dawn

March has been a bleh month for the Brain Drain as it’s been a bleh month in general falling off the Academy Awards and Lost’s “Numbers”.

I could again tell you how brilliant Arrested Development was this week, but you should already know that because you should be watching it!

Desperate Housewives is returning with new episodes on Sunday – THANK GOD! I can’t remember the lasteepisode I saw. I certainly don’t remember what happened.

Tonight after AI results show, Fox is premiering “Life on a Stick” which from the previews looks quite funny. It is on opposite Alias which is the downer – 9:30 on Fox. If you’re a sitcom lover at heart, check it out.

Speaking of sitcoms, Thursday NBC’s Americanized version of The Office will premier. This has the makings of the next Arrested Development – News Radio type show. Don’t miss this. Unless you just can’t miss the latest corpse on the lastest drone forensic show, at 9:30 p.m. you should be watching The Office. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t suck. It does star Steve Carrell folks; how bad could it be? Anyway, what better way to follow up shark jumping lesbians and oversexed adults on Fox.

Now for the interesting news, every damn story since Friday seems to involve a Buffy/Mutant Enemy alum.

Joss Whedon is writing/directing Wonder Woman which I mentioned earlier. While many ME followers know Joss’s tendency to cast those he’s familiar with – much speculation fell in the Charisma Carpenter/Sarah Michelle Geller corner. Me, guilty, I know. Joss himself at the recent Wizard World (a geek-a-thon I’m guessing) convention answered questions about Wonder Woman. As reported by…

---“The audience laughed accordingly until he [Joss] swiveled to look at Morena Baccarin -- a brunette "Serenity" cast member sitting to his left -- and added, "Where will I find a dark-haired, olive-skinned beauty?" The hundreds of fans crammed into the Long Beach Convention Center's ballroom went wild. Whedon strengthened the message that Baccarin was a contender to play the heroine, when afterwards he was seen discussing "Wonder Woman" with her at his side.

As for X3 which Joss was rumoured to at one point direct, that assignment has been given to “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" producer Matthew Vaughn.

In more news, Eliza Dusku (Faith from “Buffy”/”Angel”) will again see the harsh light of day as Tru Calling’s final “lost” episodes find airtime. Before Gail – hates Arrested Development – Berman steps down from her post at Fox to take over Paramount, she pushed Tru to replace Point Pleasant at the 9 p.m. Thursday time slot. This was the home held by Tru Calling last year where the show out performed both North Shore and Point Pleasant. Point, if you need reminding was created by Marti Noxon, former Buffy exec producer and and gifted writer. Unfortunately, PP is very poor in quality, at least the hand full of episodes I’ve seen. To it’s credit though, so was the first season of Buffy.

To all you Tru Calling fans, don’t get your hopes up. The show is still cancelled. The final six episodes begin airing March 31st.

In my final bit of news, Michelle Trachtenberg (“Harriet the Spy”/”Eurotrip”) best known as Dawn Summers, Buffy’s kid sis, is currently appearing in Ice Princess. Yes, this is the film that Kim Cattrall dissed her “Sex in the City” co-stars for in turn foiling any plots for a “Sex” movie. Riiiiight.

Trachtenberg has been announced as the star of “The Dive From Clausen's Pier” which is based on the book of the same title. This is a Lifetime film and looks downright painful to have to watch, but it’s being adapted by Harry Winer, a writer on both Veronica Mars and Alias. Okay, Lifetime? If you need a Dawnie fix like so many men I know disturbingly do, I recommend checking out Mysterious Skin, the new film by Doom Generation and Nowhere filmmaker Greg Araki.


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