Monday, March 28, 2005

i love being a girl! or whatever

So, I found myself mildly offended by a personality quiz today. If you're used to my Lost ramblings, you know that I absolutely love Sayid, Locke, and Sawyer. While checking out the ent news wire on zap2it, I happened upon a test. We all know our favorites but...

Which castaway are you most like?

I couldn't resist and honestly was bored at work. I figured I'm somewhere between Hurley and Dr. Jack, but no standout "oh I'm totally (*#@!!." Well I took the test and according to my results, I'm a Shannon. WTF?

"People are happy to build your shelter and catch your fish because your pretty. Pretty people do not work - it ruins manicures. Besides, being pretty IS work. Why do ugly people not get that."

This is about as far from my personality as I can imagine. I'm not even pretty. Okay, well I'm pretty, but I'm not blonde in a string bikini pretty. I'm not Maggie Grace pretty. I've never had a manicure either. Okay, well if substitute "pretty" with "intelligent" this would totally fit. But pretty? I'm not that vein. I'm oodles of insecurity. Do I have an inner celebutant? Am I an inner selfish bitch? Nah... didn't think so. Will someone else please take this wacky test and let me know if your results are anywhere close to accurate?


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