Friday, March 25, 2005

it's a sin

A week from today, Sin City, a film that promises to be the most groundbreaking and visually stunning film of the decade will open in theaters across the company.

Directors make many sacrafices, especially the great ones. Have you ever tried it? Anyway, Robert Rodriguez made a huge sacrafice for Sin City. He reliquished his membership in the DGA to make it. Apparently, having buddy Quentin Tarentino credited as guest director was against the rules. The two also buddied up on From Dusk til Dawn and two for the four stories in Four Rooms, both back in the 90's. It's quite apparent who wrote and directed what seeing that each has a distinct style.

You might not think that getting kicked out of the DGA is all that big a deal, but then you'd be wrong (ha!). It's not just a little club. The guild's sign contracts with the producers and studios so that only persons in their networks can work for each other. This means that RR has to operate completely outside the studio system. Granted, this is what he's done most of his career, but it set limitations. Imagine what this man could do with a budget. I mean, look what Sam Raimi did with one: Spiderman.

"I mean, I can't do a studio movie that was developed by a studio now, but that just means, you know, I should be doing my own material." ~Robert Rodriguez

Creativity is something that should never have limits placed upon it.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger mr gilbert said...

from what i've read, rodriguez left the dga, not because quentin directed a sequence or two, but because he wanted to share directing credit w/frank miller, who the dga did not want to recognize (not being a film director & all). but rodriguez, having miller almost always on set consulting on almost every shot, stuck to his loyalty & went to bat for him, to the now obvious end result. however, unlike raimi, rodriguez assumes every crew position & actually owns his own digital equipment etc. he can do whatever he wants in his own backyard. and if sin city is as big as i suspect it will be, i don't think he'll have too tough a time getting financial backing.


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