Friday, March 04, 2005

MUSIC: O Damien

There are plenty of blogs out there, like The Big Ticket, that do such a bang up job of music and .mp3 work, I don't even try to compete. That, and I don't have a way to host the files. On this Friday though, I wanted to share with you the music of Damien Rice. His amazing album, "O" (buy here) has contributed to two very poetic scenes in the past couple of months both on television and in the theaters. If you've been haunted or dying to listen to "that song" from Closer (Natalie Portman's theme) or "that song" that Hurley was listening to right before his batteries finally died on Lost last week, I strongly recommend buying the album which contains both The Blower's Daughter and Delicate.

Eskimo Friends happens to have .mp3's available of live versions of the songs. Follow the links below to their site (and buy the album).

Happy Friday friends.


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Irishman said...

well it's nice to see damien being appreciated on the other side of the pond - we know how to make proper music over here. Personally don't think blower's daughter should ever have been used in a film takes away the beauty of the lyrics



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