Tuesday, March 01, 2005

POPCORN: four in a million

Yes, I'm sure you know by now that Million Dollar Baby took top honors and earned director Clint Eastwood, and cast members Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank all Academy Awards Sunday night. For a full list of winners, check just about anywhere on the internet.

The show was as boring as the fashion this year as everyone played it safe. Bring back Laura Ziskin! At least her 2002 broadcast was fun, screw the time. The broadcast was Sunday, it's only Tuesday, and I've already forgot just about everything that happened. All but the much anticipated Jamie Foxx ,delivered drone speeches. There were no Native Americans, teamster jokes, or streakers. There was no self effacing humor. Chris Rock was great and his jokes and sketches were all that garnered a laugh. Hey, Sean Penn - get a sense of humour! I will say the changes weren't as awkward as I suspect they would be. I did find it most insulting that not only did the orchestra overplay some speeches, but the cameras would cut away as well. That's just rude.

Had I not spent the night with Darren, Kevin, and Ben, I would have fallen asleep at some point after Sydney Lumet's speech. That, and Darren forced me to eat lemon meringue pie. The sugar rush alone had me spinning; no Merlot needed. Enjoy the brief glimpse into our boring lives...


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