Thursday, April 21, 2005

you killed my mother, prepare to die

ABC finally made official what most people have known for the past month. Olin will return to Alias this season. Read the official word...

ABC confirmed Thursday (April 21) that Lena Olin, who played Irina during the show's second season and had since resisted creator J.J. Abrams' entreaties to return, will guest-star in the show's final two episodes this season. They're scheduled to air at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday, May 18 (the second of two episodes that night) and May 25 (following the two-hour "Lost" finale).

Reports of Olin's return have been bubbling for several weeks, but ABC is also offering a few details about how her character will be worked into the show's story. After finding out she's alive, Sydney, Jack (Victor Garber) and Nadia (Mia Maestro) will track Irina down and enlist her help in stopping a catastrophe brought on by followers of the mysterious Rambaldi.

this isn't marc cherry's house

Isn't Logan (Jason Dohring) cute? He's such a hottie. I'm so glad the writers of Veronica Mars spun our towheaded heroine away from the sweet and handsome cop to the tortured wealthy hottie. She's a girl after my own bad taste in boys. In fact, Logan so much resembles my former roommate, I'm sometimes really disturbed. Veronica is getting good, damn good... and it will RETURN NEXT SEASON!!!

As for Arrested Development, the jury is still out. The show must come back, but where and when is still uncertain. Look for my upfront coverage in May.

My last note before I get personal, has anyone watched Tru Calling the past couple weeks? It's actually really good. It's 500% improved from last season which is why I'm almost sad to watch each episode knowing it's predestined fate.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately my anonymous virtual friends. It seams to be developing into a sad sad trend. Here's the lowdown: work sucks. My "real" work. For the past month, it's been getting ickier and ickier. When I started this blog it was a way to entertain, inform, vent, and counter boredom that fluorescent lights and carpeted cubby walls tend to bring. When times were good and people where happy I needn't concern myself with too much. Oh how times have changed. My plates kinda full now with wedding planning, trying to keep my job by getting my hands dirty with my staff, and trying to pave a road out of my perplexing and sometimes retched home town (this would be the screenwriting). Now that two of the scripts are down, I'm working on figuring out what to do with them. Yes, I'm thankful I have friends in LA now. I knew that summer wasn't a complete waste. On top of that, Ben and I will be packing up and moving in about two months. My father is packing up and moving my family from the South to the Midwest (i'd say for the better) at the end of the school year. My mom is packing up the home I grew up in to move back to the home she grew up in near my late grandpa's one time horse farm. When you add in my early morning schedule and early bedtime now, it seems as if their isn't time for anything. You might know this from the standard conversation...

ME: I miss you.
FRIEND: I miss you too.
ME: We totally need to hang out some time soon.
FRIEND: I know, it's not like I'm busy with anything else.
ME: How about lunch sometime next week, or happy hour beers?
FRIEND: Okay, well you know where to find me.
ME: Call my office.
Hug and on our merry ways. It used to be easier than this.

So, I promise I will try to update when possible, but if I don't too often, don't be mad at me. Don't worry, I will fully tackle the season finale's of Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Veronica Mars. It doesn't help that everytime I seem to want to post anything, I end up with serious blogger speed issues.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Upside of "Desperate"

Kristen at Eonline, my favorite columnist after Dear Abby, has some straight up reporting on the Housewife debauchle without any of that glammed up tabloid crappola. Here's a recap...

"I've talked to people who were at the shoot, watched the video footage and can tell you this: Teri did get weepy, Marcia did drop a few F-bombs, and the shoot did get a little out of control. But it seems that any truly outrageous behavior may have come from the people working the shoot, not from the girls themselves, and that said, this whole thing may have been blown a teensy bit out of proportion.

For starters, you should know that tension and tears are pretty much commonplace at photo shoots, because everyone is miserable. You can't sit down, or you'll wrinkle. You can't breathe, or you'll pop a button. You can't find anything to wear that doesn't make your ass look like it's the size of Wyoming. And no one eats. "

For the entire story, read Kristen's column.

mr. murdoch, save our show

For some good warm and fuzzy news on this dreary east coast friday....

"Liguori is 100 percent behind Arrested Development and unless Rupert Murdoch says, 'Over my dead body,' it will come back."

For more on Arrested fate, check this out.

Also find out why GOB (Will Arnet) is saying....

"What's that, America? You want me to do a bunch of nude episodes? Great! I'll do it. America, I'm saying if you want me nude, I'm ready. Just go ahead, ask."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

POPCORN: Which Sin City cast member would I most like to have sex with...

That's such a hard question to answer but in the end, it was clear.

So, I finally saw my first theatrical film of year and it wasn't the Ring Two. My current schedule allows only a brief window of opportunity to get into the theater on Saturday or Sunday. Factor in the fact that I despise crowds and can’t afford anything more than matinee prices, and the time table was very narrow. For Sin City, I made it.

Sin City follows three intersecting short stories set in the same corrupt violent metropolis. The film is adapted from the works of Frank Miller and directed by Miller and Robert Rodrigez.

The story of Nancy was by far my favorite. This story opens and closes the film bookending the two other shorts. This portion stars Jessica Alba (in her best performance) as Nancy, a victim of kidnapping an attempted sexual assult who grew up to be a stripper, and Bruce Willis as the cop who saved her as a child. Willis and Alba have a disturbing but great chemistry which works in this noirish tragedy where each character is ultimately a victim of irony. I found this story to be above all else, poetic. It's power was perfect to open and close the film.

The story of Goldie was by far the most violent. It's great to see Mickey Rourke acting again and not in films like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. He even get's to work with Kiera Knightly too. When I was young girl I caught Wild Orchid on Showtime late at night. Let's just say I learned a lot about sex from Mickey Rourke and Zalaman King (9 ½ Weeks, Wild Orchid) long before I learned a lot about sex. Back to the story, so Rourke's character wakes up next to a dead angel/prostitute, Goldie (Jaime King). He's framed for her murder and sets off on a quest for revenge and blood. His quest leads him to Elijah Wood's character, who has a disturbing fetish - think Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (Finally other people realize how creepy Elijah Wood really is)

The story of Old Towne was by far the most comical. I don't know what it was, I think it was Dwight's (Clive Owen) voice-overs and hallucinations combined with the over-the-topness of the whores. This story follows Dwight as he tracks down a the ex-boyfriend of his current girlfriend. When the boyfriend gets killed the red light district, the girls discover that he was a cop and fear the truce of Old Town will be destroyed.

My over all impression... This is the most violent film I've ever seen. Granted, I can't make it through all of Audition. The photography was stunning, but then again I had to keep reminding myself that besides the actors, everything was animated. The raw themes of violence and sexuality worked well within the black and white animation. If this film had been adapted in a more standard method, I'm sure I would have puked or left at some point. With white blood and shadows, the violence becomes it's own disturbing art form.

The script was original and instantly classic in it's use of the voice over and the slightly campy tone - think Sunset Boulevard. Speaking of, this film has redefined noir, Neo-Noir if you will, that far surpasses L.A. Confidential.

As for the cast, most disappointing was Alexis Bledel whom I thought fell flat on her face with a chance to break out from her Rory persona. She's so great on the Gilmore Girls, is she in a rut? Her delivery of her lines felt awkward and forced and not in a creative purpose kind of way.

Oh, in case you're wondering, it's Carla Gugino. Who knew the mom from Spy Kids looked so good naked?

THE BOX: Veronica Mars wins by a landslide

Okay now a while ago I posted about Eonline's "Save One Show" (SOS) campaign. And, I know, I'm about two weeks late on reporting the results. I was shocked, and just thought I'd share.

1. Veronica Mars (UPN): 56%
2. Arrested Development (Fox): 9%
(the rest do not matter)

First, I'd just like to say, Tuesday's used to be so hard to choose between Veronica Mars and House seeing that I still live in a TiVo-less world. No longer is it an issue. The past two weeks of Veronica have been phenomenal, so why are people not watching? My friend Jon asked me one time, why I like the show. He's watched it, he just doesn't get what's so great about it. My Ben doesn't like it either. I think the reason I love Veronica is because I feel like I'm watching myself in high school. Granted my dad wasn't a private eye and I didn't work for him and my best friend wasn't murdered, etc. But, there was an incident of sort that found me ousted from my so called friends which opened my eyes to the world around me. I became too sarcastic for my own good. After that I was pretty bitter as well as smart and my life flipped upside down. I had my issues and I survived them only to come out surprisingly well adjusted and "normal." I'm still too sarcastic for my own good and tend to sport my hair in pigtails, but that's besides the point. This is definitely a show for girls, of all ages. Throw in the Jessica Fletcher mysteries and top it off with Gilmore Girls style pop culture references and the show is my current favorite on the air. Please, people watch it.

Oh that reminds me... Those mysterious neilsen families. I finally met one. As it turns out, my best friends parents are now a neilsen family. I got to see the box and everything. Unfortunately, they have no desire to watch either Veronica Mars or Arrested Development.

THE BOX: Who wants to be my freak bitch?

Speaking of Arrested Development, my favorite comedy, I am constantly amazed by the show’s ability to get better and better and better every week. This show NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP. I don't want to be part of a world where there are no new Arrested episodes. How can you not find this to be the funniest show on TV, you freak bitch?

THE BOX: How to photograph a housewife

No one put's Teri in the middle.

Desperate Housewives returned from it's time off with a bang last week. This past Sunday's episode was one of the best. Between it and Lost, I'm just plain giddy. A couple days before Boone died is pure drama, Mama Solis kick the bucket in pure comedy - some damn good comedy.

Sunday's episode made me feel more for each of the character. I'm starting to dispise Susan (Teri Hatcher) for her dimwitted victim trips. The men on the other hand, were quite good. When Rex threw his heartless and not yet out of the closet son up against the wall to protect Bree's (Marcia Cross) honor, I was happy. Finally this man has done something not weak-willed and skeezy. Doug Savant was redeemed as well treating his wife with all respect she deserves. Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) became more pathetic. There is a reason why Eva isn't nominated for awards, her character sucks. No, I'm not talking in that "love to hate" Nicolette kind of way. Just sucks.

Now the gossip circling the cast is more interesting than their alter egos. Apparently Marcia made Teri cry at a Vanity Fair photo shoot. Now it's not Teri's fault that she's nominated for awards and wins when the other ladies sit on the sidelines. It's not Teri's fault she makes four times as much money as the rest of the ladies either. It's not Teri's fault that men think she's hot and therefore is put on the cover of many magazines. You musts admit though, to be Marcia and Felicity must be a pain. These two ladies are by far the strongest actors on the show, and are getting very little credit. Apparently, Marcia finally snapped. Watch out for red heads; they're fierce. Again, none of this is Teri's fault, but if were Marcia I'd hate her too. Why? Because I'm an irrational girl, of course. I hope these girls can get along and the media can try to play fair. I mean, no one wants to be Janet when they could be Chrissy now do they?

THE BOX: Boone didn’t die, he was murdered.


Yes last night’s Lost was one of the best of season. Matthew Fox earned and Emmy in my book and redeemed his somewhat boring character that has faded since the pilot.

Last week, if you missed it, Boone attempted to radio for help and the island fought back sending him smashing down a bluff in a prop plane. Locke heroically carried his dying disciple back to Dr. Jack before disappearing into the jungle.

ABC hyped the previews so much portraying Boone’s death, I thought for sure that Jack would save Boone and Claire would die in childbirth. Like 24 did earlier this week with the obvious attack of Air Force One, Lost stayed the course without any last minute “won’t get fooled again” twist. While 24 has become a cliché of it’s former greatness like a bloated over weight boxer, Lost delivered an emotional and nail biting episode that tossed me out of bed. I haven’t been so close to passing out from watching a network episode of television since the season premier of the 2001 (or 2002 can’t really remember) ER – you know, the one with the helicopter and the arm and the blood and the triage… yeah, Lost was kinda like that.

Dr. Jack first stabbed Boone in the chest to compensate for a collapsed lung.

Then he “reset” his broken leg during which I screamed, convulsed, and performed other girlie actions known as “freaking out.”

Jack then used a sea urchine to tap his veins and perform a blood transfusion on Boone until his leg became swelled with blood and Jack looked “goth.” Now, the only thing left to do was to amputate the leg that was collecting the blood. Sun meanwhile learned that Boone was bleeding internally.

If that wasn’t enough, Charlie, Kate, and Jin had to force Claire into delivering a baby in the middle of the jungle. Thank god no cesarean was needed. Who knows what Dr. Jack would have ripped Claire open with.

If all this wasn’t traumatic enough, Shannon and Sayid were conoodling on the beach unaware of the days events.

In the end, Jack let Boone die of his own wishes and Claire delivered a healthy baby boy which I don’t think is a coincidence. Let's just call him Boone II.

After breaking the news to Shannon, Jack went to find John Locke. You might say, he’s committed.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

live your life like you're gonna die, cause you're gonna

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while and boy do I have lots to post about including Desperate Housewives, 24, Veronica Mars, Lost, The Office, and my first film of the year Sin City. Unfortunately between work and wedding and my old friend sleep, I haven't had much time for anything.

Today though, thanks to Darren (No. 1), I created a quiz about myself because I'm vain. If you know me, and what to see how well take the All About Angie quiz.

Now, in honor of finally completing my first feature length screenplay, I've created another quiz. The screenplay, The Men of Margot Merriwether is based on the guys I've grown up around throughout high school and college. So if you're dying to know who of Sam, Joe M. Darren H., Brian J., Gustavo, Mario, Adam, Mike, Peter, Brian S., Carlos, Aaron, John V., Dan, Marcello, Jon G., Joe B., Kevin, Bob, James, and Darren K made it into the story, hope that some one will like to buy the script. Or you could just ask me, I guess? Anyway, if you think you really know me, take Advanced Angie: The Boys and find out how much you know about my favorite things.

The Gimme: The answer to the first question is "Joe". I figured I'd just tell you because the real answer is Byron but I programmed it in wrong. So, everyone should have at least 10 pts.