Thursday, April 07, 2005

THE BOX: Boone didn’t die, he was murdered.


Yes last night’s Lost was one of the best of season. Matthew Fox earned and Emmy in my book and redeemed his somewhat boring character that has faded since the pilot.

Last week, if you missed it, Boone attempted to radio for help and the island fought back sending him smashing down a bluff in a prop plane. Locke heroically carried his dying disciple back to Dr. Jack before disappearing into the jungle.

ABC hyped the previews so much portraying Boone’s death, I thought for sure that Jack would save Boone and Claire would die in childbirth. Like 24 did earlier this week with the obvious attack of Air Force One, Lost stayed the course without any last minute “won’t get fooled again” twist. While 24 has become a cliché of it’s former greatness like a bloated over weight boxer, Lost delivered an emotional and nail biting episode that tossed me out of bed. I haven’t been so close to passing out from watching a network episode of television since the season premier of the 2001 (or 2002 can’t really remember) ER – you know, the one with the helicopter and the arm and the blood and the triage… yeah, Lost was kinda like that.

Dr. Jack first stabbed Boone in the chest to compensate for a collapsed lung.

Then he “reset” his broken leg during which I screamed, convulsed, and performed other girlie actions known as “freaking out.”

Jack then used a sea urchine to tap his veins and perform a blood transfusion on Boone until his leg became swelled with blood and Jack looked “goth.” Now, the only thing left to do was to amputate the leg that was collecting the blood. Sun meanwhile learned that Boone was bleeding internally.

If that wasn’t enough, Charlie, Kate, and Jin had to force Claire into delivering a baby in the middle of the jungle. Thank god no cesarean was needed. Who knows what Dr. Jack would have ripped Claire open with.

If all this wasn’t traumatic enough, Shannon and Sayid were conoodling on the beach unaware of the days events.

In the end, Jack let Boone die of his own wishes and Claire delivered a healthy baby boy which I don’t think is a coincidence. Let's just call him Boone II.

After breaking the news to Shannon, Jack went to find John Locke. You might say, he’s committed.


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