Thursday, April 07, 2005

THE BOX: How to photograph a housewife

No one put's Teri in the middle.

Desperate Housewives returned from it's time off with a bang last week. This past Sunday's episode was one of the best. Between it and Lost, I'm just plain giddy. A couple days before Boone died is pure drama, Mama Solis kick the bucket in pure comedy - some damn good comedy.

Sunday's episode made me feel more for each of the character. I'm starting to dispise Susan (Teri Hatcher) for her dimwitted victim trips. The men on the other hand, were quite good. When Rex threw his heartless and not yet out of the closet son up against the wall to protect Bree's (Marcia Cross) honor, I was happy. Finally this man has done something not weak-willed and skeezy. Doug Savant was redeemed as well treating his wife with all respect she deserves. Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) became more pathetic. There is a reason why Eva isn't nominated for awards, her character sucks. No, I'm not talking in that "love to hate" Nicolette kind of way. Just sucks.

Now the gossip circling the cast is more interesting than their alter egos. Apparently Marcia made Teri cry at a Vanity Fair photo shoot. Now it's not Teri's fault that she's nominated for awards and wins when the other ladies sit on the sidelines. It's not Teri's fault she makes four times as much money as the rest of the ladies either. It's not Teri's fault that men think she's hot and therefore is put on the cover of many magazines. You musts admit though, to be Marcia and Felicity must be a pain. These two ladies are by far the strongest actors on the show, and are getting very little credit. Apparently, Marcia finally snapped. Watch out for red heads; they're fierce. Again, none of this is Teri's fault, but if were Marcia I'd hate her too. Why? Because I'm an irrational girl, of course. I hope these girls can get along and the media can try to play fair. I mean, no one wants to be Janet when they could be Chrissy now do they?


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