Thursday, April 21, 2005

this isn't marc cherry's house

Isn't Logan (Jason Dohring) cute? He's such a hottie. I'm so glad the writers of Veronica Mars spun our towheaded heroine away from the sweet and handsome cop to the tortured wealthy hottie. She's a girl after my own bad taste in boys. In fact, Logan so much resembles my former roommate, I'm sometimes really disturbed. Veronica is getting good, damn good... and it will RETURN NEXT SEASON!!!

As for Arrested Development, the jury is still out. The show must come back, but where and when is still uncertain. Look for my upfront coverage in May.

My last note before I get personal, has anyone watched Tru Calling the past couple weeks? It's actually really good. It's 500% improved from last season which is why I'm almost sad to watch each episode knowing it's predestined fate.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately my anonymous virtual friends. It seams to be developing into a sad sad trend. Here's the lowdown: work sucks. My "real" work. For the past month, it's been getting ickier and ickier. When I started this blog it was a way to entertain, inform, vent, and counter boredom that fluorescent lights and carpeted cubby walls tend to bring. When times were good and people where happy I needn't concern myself with too much. Oh how times have changed. My plates kinda full now with wedding planning, trying to keep my job by getting my hands dirty with my staff, and trying to pave a road out of my perplexing and sometimes retched home town (this would be the screenwriting). Now that two of the scripts are down, I'm working on figuring out what to do with them. Yes, I'm thankful I have friends in LA now. I knew that summer wasn't a complete waste. On top of that, Ben and I will be packing up and moving in about two months. My father is packing up and moving my family from the South to the Midwest (i'd say for the better) at the end of the school year. My mom is packing up the home I grew up in to move back to the home she grew up in near my late grandpa's one time horse farm. When you add in my early morning schedule and early bedtime now, it seems as if their isn't time for anything. You might know this from the standard conversation...

ME: I miss you.
FRIEND: I miss you too.
ME: We totally need to hang out some time soon.
FRIEND: I know, it's not like I'm busy with anything else.
ME: How about lunch sometime next week, or happy hour beers?
FRIEND: Okay, well you know where to find me.
ME: Call my office.
Hug and on our merry ways. It used to be easier than this.

So, I promise I will try to update when possible, but if I don't too often, don't be mad at me. Don't worry, I will fully tackle the season finale's of Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Veronica Mars. It doesn't help that everytime I seem to want to post anything, I end up with serious blogger speed issues.


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