Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Lost" fans lose out

Let’s for a moment look at the concept of the “cliffhanger.”

  • Ross and Rachel during pretty much any season finale of Friends: Cliffhanger.
  • When Nina shot Teri Bauer: Cliffhanger.
  • When Carter and Lucy were stabbed and left dying: Cliffhanger (mid season no less).
  • When Wolfram and Hart resurrected Darla: Cliffhanger. Actually, every season finale of Angel – besides season two – featured some of the best cliffhangers in television history.

Memo to Lost staff: If J.J.’s to busy with Alias (which I heard rocked your face off last night), let David Fury write the script. Outside the pilot, David Fury has been responsible for the best, most mysterious, and most “cliffhangery” episodes all season. After all, he got lots of practice with Angel.

So, what did happen on that wacky island?
(sad spoilery ahead)

Hey, guess what morons, the other people want your children! Like we haven’t known that most of the season?

We did get to finally see the “monster” which as far as I can tell was black smoke accompanied by a mechanical drawbridge-like sound. Ooh, smoke, scary.

How do I really feel you might be asking? Don’t hold back, you say? Well…

Here’s the good:

- Arnzt blew up. “You got some Arnzt on you.” Best line of the show.
- Sawyer had an excuse to take his shirt off.

Now the bad:

- The back story came across as filler and offered nothing new, like say STORY.
- Sap is for trees and conosuers of Lifetime – not sci-fi adventure.
- What was with the slow melodic music playing forever over images? I felt like I was watching the end of the Return of the King (which was summing up enough of a hell ride to justify it, unlike this episode. )
- Nothing really happened… or did I miss something?
- I’m betting there was more drama on American Idol.

I kept waiting for something to fucking happen. Where's the "oops i crapped my pants" ending I've been hearing so much about?

The season finale of Lost was not only the worst episode of the season, but it was so badly written and directed, I’m contemplating if I ever want to watch the show again. Yes, I’m actually offended.

Veronica Mars, you won my heart.


At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sawyer was shot, Jin jumped in after him, and Michael is left along with them floating out at sea 15 miles from shore. How the hell do they survive? Where do the others take Walt? those are pretty cliffhanger-ish. not what we all wanted but still. oh yeah and theres still the whole, whoever is in the hatch, did they get out first and cut the ladder, did they sequester themselves in there, how did that light come on from the inside a while ago? those are kinda vital too.


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